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‘Your Choice’ captures young imaginations with its audience-driven storyline at SCRF 2024

‘Your Choice’ captures young imaginations with its audience-driven storyline at SCRF 2024

Young attendees actively partake in the narrative of this unique play
that teaches valuable life lessons through interactive storytelling.

Sharjah, May 11, 2024

Imagine sitting in a theatre, not just to watch a play but to determine how the story unfolds. This was the scene at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (2024) ballroom on Friday, where the interactive play “Your Choice” made its festival debut.

Set in an art school, the immersive production, directed by Mohammed Al Ansari, places the young audience at the heart of the storyline, allowing them to make decisions that directly influence the plot. The story begins with introducing Tala, a new student on her first day, navigating the typical trials of school life, including having to build camaraderie with fellow pupils, bullying, and the challenges of being an awkward newcomer.

‘Your Choice’ carries powerful messages about perseverance, self-reliance, achieving goals, team spirit, and teamwork – all presented in a lighthearted manner to resonate with its young audience. The play also highlights the importance of inclusivity, ensuring every child feels represented and involved. The lead character, Teacher Nay, continuously engages with the young viewers, asking them to choose the right course of action. The play’s unique style kept them glued to their seats as the cast guided them through a theatrically rich journey dotted by joyful singing, dancing and unexpected plot twists.

Written by Fatima Al Amer, the play offered a unique theatrical experience that deeply impacted the audience, especially children, who were thrilled to participate in shaping the storyline. Their cheers, screams and laughter filled the air, especially during key moments when asked to make choices.

Throughout the 2-hour play, the talented cast, including Shoug Al Hadi, Mohammed Al Haddad, Fahad Basim, Talal Basim, Shamlan Al Omairi, Saud Al Zaraouni, Sheikha Al Aslawi, Malek Abu Zaid, and Ahlam Al Tamimi, brought the characters to life with compelling performances. Each set of the play became a unique experience based on the audience’s decisions.

Tickets for ‘Your Choice’ are available in three categories: gold, silver, and bronze, starting at AED 75, AED 150, and AED 200, respectively. The play will continue with another show on May 11 from 7:30 to 9:00 pm and a final performance on May 12 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.


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