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Writer Relocations and Private Jet Charter Join Hands to Meet Growing Demand for Luxury Relocations in the GCC Region

Dubai, UAE, 2 July 2024: Writer Relocations and Private Jet Charter are pleased to announce a new partnership set to transform relocation services for high-profile and VIP clients across the GCC region.Combining Writer Relocations’ renowned expertise in international relocation with Private Jet Charter’s specialized private aviation services, this collaboration aims to elevate the relocation experience through comfort, safety, and efficiency.

According to the reports, the global luxury travel market was valued at $1,155 billion in 2019, and it is projected to reach $1,154 billion by 2026. As affluent individuals prefer convenience, comfort, and exclusivity in their relocation endeavours, there is a growing demand for premium relocation services tailored to their unique needs. This collaboration between Writer Relocations and Private Jet Charter aims to address the demand, offering luxury relocation experiences that redefine standards of excellence in the industry.

As part of this collaboration, Writer Relocations will handle logistics and coordination for relocating clients, while Private Jet Charter will provide tailor-made private jet services. A dedicated Single Point of Contact (SPOC) will ensure seamless communication and coordination between the two companies throughout the relocation process.

Anoop Bosco, Regional Head Middle Eastat Writer Relocations, expressed his delight at the partnership, stating, “Over the last 75 years, Writer Relocations has earned global pedigree of managing expat and VIP relocations. The collaboration with Private Jet Charter underscores our commitment to delivering top-notch services and ensuring a smooth transition for our discerning clientele. By combining Writer Relocations’ expertise in international relocation with Private Jet Charter’s specialization in private aviation, we are not just offering a service but crafting unforgettable experiences tailored to the unique needs of our discerning clientele.

Hugh Courtenay, CEO & Managing Director of Private Jet Charter, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the significance of extending their services to GCC region clients through collaboration with Writer Relocations. He added, “At Private Jet Charter, we understand the importance of personalized travel experiences. Partnering with Writer Relocations allows us to extend our expertise to clients seeking relocation services in the GCC region. Together, we aim to redefine luxury relocation experiences.

In addition to providing exceptional services, both companies are committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and meeting evolving client needs. The collaboration between Writer Relocations and Private Jet Charter reflects a broader trend of increasing demand for premium relocation services amongst affluent clientele.

About Writer Relocations:

For over 75 years, Writer Relocations has been a key player in the global relocation industry, providing end-to-end services in the people and asset mobility space. Every year, Writer Relocations manages over 8,000 relocations, making it one of the preferred premium mobility players. The Company manages relocations for employees and executives of over 3,000 global companies. Writer Relocations has presence across 8 countries with a partner network across 190 countries.

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About Private Jet Charter:

Private Jet Charter is a premier provider of private aviation services, specializing in bespoke travel solutions for discerning clients worldwide. With a fleet of luxury aircraft and a team of experienced professionals, Private Jet Charter is dedicated to delivering unparalleled comfort, convenience, and safety to its clients.

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