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Working Towards The Future – AI Optimism And The Future Of How We Work – UAE Today Blog

Tata Consultancy Services has just published this amazing report – ‘Working Towards the Future – AI Optimism and the Future of How We Work’.

According to Sharad Agarwal, Founder of Cyber Gear, “I am humbled to be featured with so many global AI experts and futurists. In my opinion, the real benefit of AI will be seen when we transition to a 4-day week and all of us are then able to spend more quality time with our families and focus on things that make us happy. Happiness and peace of mind are the 2 most important factors that people are seeking. Everything else is a distraction! “

As we see the growing capabilities of AI to create content and automate processes in a more human-like way, a question at the top of everyone’s mind is, will this AI era be good or bad for work in the future?

The TCS futurists set out to answer this question in a study, “Working Towards the Future,” which analyzes survey responses from prominent futurists, executives, and foresight professionals around the world. Participants answered quantitative and qualitative questions to inform a vision for AI and the future of how we will work across industries and job functions in the coming years.

The study found that 90% of surveyed futurists are optimistic about the changes AI will bring and nearly half of them are “very optimistic”. When it comes to working in the future, techno-optimism wins out.

The full report highlights findings that range from how AI assistants will help employee health and wellness, how dangerous or physically demanding jobs will benefit from an AI “spider-sense,” why entry-level jobs will look completely different, and the industries that will see the first positive transformations in work, with marketing and communications, healthcare and education, banking and financial services, and IT and software development leading the way.

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