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Union Coop Announces September Campaign – UAE Today Blog

Dubai-based retailer Union Coop announced the launch of 8 promotional campaigns to reduce prices on more than 3,000 food and non-food items, with discounts of up to 65% during the month of September. This coincides with the return from summer vacations and the return of students to school. The cooperative is committed to providing competitively priced products consistently to delight consumers.

The cooperative stated that these discount campaigns are part of the initiatives launched monthly, as pre-planned strategies, to provide the most consumed products at suitable prices for all societal groups. All discounted items will be available at all of its 27 branches throughout the campaign period. Additionally, special offers will be available on its Smart App and Online Store, wherein the discounts will reach up to 65%.

Union Coop pointed out that shoppers throughout September will be able to enjoy the offered discounts and available promotions. All 8 campaigns will be comprehensive and diverse, with new product offers and discounts every week, benefiting as many people as possible. Prices will be competitive, and the products will be of high quality and meet the best standards and specifications available.

The cooperative added that the promotional campaigns included a specific campaign titled “Back to Home,” a major discount campaign, weekend promotions, and exclusive deals on a wide range of products, including food and beverages, electronics, and household items, to meet all consumer demands and needs.

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