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UAE’s vision for longevity in focus at Arab Health’s Future Health Summit

UAE’s vision for longevity in focus at Arab Health’s Future Health Summit

  • The Cohesive Society pillar of the UAE Vision 2021 aims to increase the average lifespan of the population
  • Unveiling breakthroughs in reverse ageing and longevity, the third Future Health Summit takes place on 1 February at the Museum of the Future in Dubai
  • PureHealth CEO to deliver opening remarks at the conference

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 23 January 2024: With business intelligence firm Grand View Research anticipating that the global longevity and anti-ageing market will reach $183 billion by 2028, the scientific and medical community is now focusing on a new paradigm in human health and a new market in life sciences with almost limitless potential.

Field pioneers and world-leading longevity researchers will convene at the invite-only, high-level third Future Health Summit at the Museum of the Future in Dubai to discuss groundbreaking advancements in reverse ageing and longevity, emphasising the transformation of human health span.

With the UN World Population Prospects report predicting a 16% increase in the global population aged 65 and above by 2050, a 10% increase from 2022, recent years have witnessed a burgeoning fascination with the prospect of leveraging cutting-edge research to slow or even reverse the ageing process, ultimately aiming to enhance well-being and extend human longevity.

In alignment with this demographic shift, the UAE has integrated positive ageing into its Social Cohesion Strategy, outlined in its 2021 Vision and Centennial Plan 2071. With diverse demographics and recent initiatives like the Golden Visa Programme attracting an older population, the UAE anticipates demographic changes, requiring policymakers to establish an adaptive ecosystem.

Ross Williams, Exhibition Director for Informa Markets, said: “In the UAE and the wider Gulf region, there is a revolutionary vision to increase the average lifespan of the population, and the Future Health Summit will enable the experts in the field to gather under one roof to understand the latest developments, technologies and key players that are invested in bringing this vision to reality.”

Hosted by Arab Health, the Future Health Summit will take place on Thursday, 1 February, from 10 am to 2 pm, bringing together senior government officials and CEOs operating within the healthcare sector.

The opening remarks for the event will be made by Shaista Asif, Group Chief Executive Officer of PureHealth – the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East and Arab Health’s National Healthcare Champion. Asif will delve into the fascinating realm of the Science of Longevity, unveiling innovative strategies aimed at ensuring people live longer, healthier lives. PureHealth’s pivotal role as Arab Health’s National Healthcare Champion adds an extra layer of significance to the insights that will be shared during the Future Health Summit.

Shaista Asif, Group Chief Executive Officer of PureHealth, said: “The innovation space around healthcare is transforming, and so too are perspectives. Healthcare today is not just about technological development or medical advancement, PureHealth believes modern healthcare is about unlocking time for humankind. The world is currently witnessing a shift in interest towards the science of longevity; and pivoting with this shift, PureHealth is on a mission to help people lead longer, healthier, happier and fuller lives, through innovation and collaboration. The Future Health Summit provides a vital platform for exploring breakthroughs and addressing barriers in the science of longevity. We are excited to participate in this summit and be part of this insightful event.”

The Future Health Summit agenda will explore “Bridging the Gap Between Lifespan and Healthspan,” featuring Dr. Mehmood Khan, CEO of Hevolution Foundation, Riyadh, KSA.

Meanwhile, panellists for the discussion on “The Longevity Economy: Navigating the Next Frontier” include Dr. Yoshiki Sawa, Professor at Osaka University and Advisor to CiRA at Kyoto University, Japan; Prof. Dr. Evelyne Bischof, Founding Vice President of Healthy Longevity Medicine Society and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board at Longevity Science Foundation, Munich, Germany; Marc P. Bernegger, Founding Partner of Maximon and Longevity Investors Conference, Zurich, Switzerland.

The agenda will also address “The Opportunity for Investment in Longevity Biotech” with insights from Dr. Michael Ringel, Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group, Boston, USA.

Closing remarks will be made by Dr Fatima Al Kaabi, Director General, Emirates Drug Establishment and Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Bone Marrow Transplant Program at Abu Dhabi Stem Cells, a PureHealth subsidiary. Center Vice-Chair, UAE National Multiple SclSociety

Arab Health 2024, the largest healthcare event in the Middle East, is scheduled to take place from 29 January to 1 February 2024, focusing on the future of healthcare and the transformative impact of emerging technologies in the medical industry. Key highlights include the Smart Hospital and Interoperability Zone, in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, the Transformation Zone with expert talks on nanomedicine, AI, and robotics, and the Innov8 competition for health tech startups.

A new addition to the exhibition is the Cre8 competition targeting aspiring healthcare professionals, challenging students in the UAE to devise innovative solutions for real healthcare issues. Meanwhile, the Startup Zone provides a platform for SMEs from various countries to showcase their latest healthcare innovations.

Anticipating a global audience of over 110,000 healthcare professionals, Arab Health 2024 is set to host over 3,450 exhibitors and attract from 180 countries. The event, supported by government entities such as the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, the Government of Dubai, the Dubai Health Authority, the Department of Health, and the Dubai Healthcare City Authority, will feature 10 Continuing Medical Education (CME) conferences covering various medical disciplines.

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