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UAE’s Business Leaders Celebrate #EmbraceEquity On International Women’’s Day – UAE Today Blog

The UAE’s business leaders have highlighted the achievements of women in the Arab world and their contribution to social, economic and cultural growth, underlining the value of #EmbraceEquity, the theme of the International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8.

Highlighting the focus of businesses in the region to promote a culture of inclusion, diversity and equity, they said the visionary leadership of the UAE has enabled women to demonstrate their competencies and secure rewarding career and professional growth opportunities. They said they will continue to promote inclusivity and gender equality at the workplace.

Highlighting the importance of fostering an inclusive work culture, Doohee Lee, President, Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: “On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the remarkable social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women from all around the world. At Samsung, we are proud to foster a culture where our female colleagues feel a sense of belonging and can realize their full potential. Without the contributions of these strong, talented women, Samsung would not be where it is today. As a technology leader in the region, we recognize the importance of a level playing field while nurturing an inclusive and diverse workplace. Through equitable practices, we aim to support our talented female colleagues in achieving their career goals, and we will continue to work towards eliminating gender disparity in the sector and championing inclusivity for all.”

On the importance of promoting STEM education and the impressive achievements made by women in the industrial and technology sector,Dr. Dalya Al Muthanna, President of GE in the UAE and Global Chief of Strategy & Operations for GE International Markets, added: “Technology and innovation are changing our world, opening the doors to equity like never before. As we celebrate International Women’s Day this year under the theme “Embrace Equity,” we must accelerate action in women’s representation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) – the sectors which hold the jobs of the future.

“Women have made tremendous progress in education and the workplace over the decades but for true inclusivity in STEM, women must also be represented in leading jobs that power digital transformation, sustainability, the fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and so on. By championing women in STEM, GE is taking action today to help bridge skills gaps and show the value that true inclusion & diversity brings to the workforce,” she added.

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