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UAE University Launches A New Program In English Language To Support Graduates In Labour Market – UAE Today Blog

The United Arab Emirates University has announced the launch of a new academic program which is the Master of Arts in English, at the Department of Languages and Literature in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences by the beginning of the new academic year 2023-2024.

Dr. Moza Al Tenaijy, Chair of the Department of Languages and Literature, explained: “The Master of Arts in English goes in line with the requirements and needs of the labour market, which require high levels of language skills to communicate in English that rise to the professional and vocational level of the students enrolled to this program in their different work environment and it also adds to their skills and linguistic repertoire. The program aims to improve and enhance students’ skills in several aspects including; speaking, reading and writing, in addition to expanding their skills in critical and creative thinking and in texts analysis and evaluation. The new program also offers courses in literature, theatre, and cinema. Thus, graduates of this program can work in the education sector, film production, acting and directing, journalism, publishing houses, and other areas.

She added: “The new program is in line with the university’s vision represented in providing undergraduate programs and postgraduate studies according to the highest international standards, and to participate effectively in the society and the world in order to spread knowledge and to enhance research capabilities and competencies in the country as a leading university in the field of scientific research.

Dr. Moza concluded: “This program is not limited to developing students’ language and cognitive skills, but also contributes to preparing a promising generation capable of holding high the banner of this country, and making a quantum leap in the performance indicators in the various institutions and employers in the country since they are the generation of tomorrow and future makers.”

The requirements of the Master of Arts in English are designed to enable students to complete the program within four semesters. Enrollment in this program is open for both male and female students and applications will be accepted during the period 1-30 April 2023. Classes will start next August according to the academic calendar of the UAE University. Admission is open for both full-time and part-time students, depending on the nature of their work.

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