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UAE Team ADQ Announces UAE Tour Women Line up and unveils the “Everything is Possible” Campaign

UAE Team ADQ Announces UAE Tour Women Line up and unveils the “Everything is Possible” Campaign

Abu Dhabi – UAE, 1st February 2024, UAE Team ADQ will make a strong return to the UAE Tour Women, announcing the race lineup for the event’s stages that include riders, Silvia Persico, Chiara Consonni, Alena Amialiusik, Karlijn Swinkels, Erica Magnaldi, and Tereza Neumanova.

In a spectacular start to 2024, UAE Team ADQ secured three significant victories. Eleonora Gasparrini triumphed in the Challenge Ciclista Mallorca Femenina, Sofia Bertizzolo claimed victory in the Geelong Classic in Australia, a series of races that saw the participation of Emirati rider Safiya Al Sayegh. Dominika Wlodarczyk not only finished second in the Deakin University Elite Women’s Road Race, but also took the leader’s jersey of the UCI Women’s World Tour. These wins epitomize the team’s dedication and its growing profile on the global stage, setting the tone for a promising season ahead.

Ahead of the UAE Tour Women, which kicks off on February 8 till 12, UAE Team ADQ launched the ‘Everything is Possible’ campaign, which aims to create opportunities and inspire young Emirati females to embrace cycling at all levels. As part of this initiative, the team proudly presents the “Everything is Possible” limited-edition Jersey adorned with the colors of the UAE. This jersey serves as an invitation for everyone to witness the unyielding spirit of our nation and supports the broader vision of empowering women and fostering a cycling culture in the UAE.

María Camila García said: “In anticipation of the UAE Tour Women, UAE Team ADQ is not only gearing up for fierce competition but is also set to make a distinct mark with its special campaign, ‘Everything is Possible.’ This initiative, which we unveil ahead of our home tour, embodies the team’s belief that every woman can achieve what may seem impossible. The campaign reflects the spirit of UAE Team ADQ competing in its homeland, highlighting a commitment to promoting and inspiring women and girls across the UAE to start cycling.”

UAE Tour Women, in its second year, has attracted UCI 20 teams with formidable rosters. Amidst this exciting challenge, UAE Team ADQ proudly embraces their home tour, eager to leave a lasting impact.


About UAE Team ADQ:

UAE Team ADQ is a professional women’s cycling team representing the UAE on a global stage and is part of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Established in 2021, the team comprises passionate professionals, including 16 talented riders, engaged in transforming the female cycling industry.

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