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UAE Food Bank Acknowledges Efforts Of Its Strategic Partners, Shareholders And Volunteers – UAE Today Blog

The UAE Food Bank revealed positive outcomes of various initiatives and campaigns organised by it this year during its annual function. The event, held in the presence of His Excellency Dawoud Al Hajri, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the UAE Food Bank, showcased the impactful work of the Food Bank until the beginning of the third quarter.

The function also witnessed 67 entities, ranging from strategic partners in the public and private sectors, to companies partnering or supporting the Food Bank, to volunteering teams and staff of the Food Bank, being honoured for their efforts to enhance and support its cause all year round. The ceremony was attended by members of the Board of Trustees of the UAE Food Bank, its partner entities and teams of volunteers.

During the event, HE Al Hajri underscored the key role of partners, stakeholders and volunteers in ensuring the successful execution of the Food Bank’s initiatives, events, and campaigns. He also praised their unwavering commitment to helping the organisation achieve its humanitarian and charitable missions, which are aimed at reaching out to people around the world in need of food aid and making a lasting impact on their lives.

HE Al Hajri said: “Since inception, the Bank’s sole mission has been to collect and distribute food, manage surpluses and ensure its availability to beneficiaries both locally and globally.  It has also made substantial efforts to advance food security and sustainability while reinforcing humanitarian and social objectives, besides promoting social responsibility and volunteering activities by joining hands with its strategic partners.

“All the philanthropic, humanitarian, and volunteering initiatives and activities undertaken by the Bank are in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to support people in need and preserve the values of generosity and goodwill. In addition, it reflects the humanitarian approach and values of the UAE and its commitment to support nations and all those impacted by natural disasters and crises across the globe.”

The UAE Food Bank has achieved several remarkable milestones in 2023. It facilitated meals for 12,746,244 beneficiaries by tapping surpluses from food establishments. In collaboration with its partners, the Food Bank also successfully delivered around 293 tonnes of food to the Emirates Red Crescent for relief missions in Turkey and Syria following earthquakes there. Additionally, 54 tonnes of aid was dispatched for relief efforts in Libya, and another 60 tonnessent out to support the Compassion for Gaza campaign. These efforts reflect the Bank’s commitment to providing food aid at a global level.

Furthermore, the bank organised 49 awareness programmes and campaigns through the year, benefiting diverse segments of society. These initiatives elicited the active participation of 5,893 individuals, 1,596 dedicated volunteers, and 611 donors. In addition, the bank signed 10 partnership and cooperation agreements with local, regional, and international organisations, thereby expanding its network and reinforcing its commitment to charitable, volunteering, and humanitarian campaigns.

The UAE Food Bank also made a significant positive impact on the environment by diverting 3,807 tonnes of food away from landfills, saving the equivalent of 1.5 million meals. This achievement aligns with its mission to reduce carbon emissions associated with food waste, promote environmental sustainability, and conserve natural resources.

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