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Two-Thirds Of UAE Consumers Are Likely To Attend Food & Drink Festivals In The Future – UAE Today Blog

Sports events show considerable appeal, with slightly more than half of UAE consumers (55%) expressing interest in attending these events. Similarly, comedy (54%) and music festivals (54%) are also likely to pull crowds in the near future.  

Film & Theatre and Tech festivals come in next with nearly half of consumers showing interest in these events (53% and 49% respectively). 

Auto and gaming festivals draw the attention of slightly over two in five consumers (42% each). Finally, E-sports festivals register the lowest expected attendance (40%), however, it is more than twice the global average (13%). 

Our data further reveal preferences for different types of festivals among UAE consumers of various age groups. Food and drink festivals are notably most popular among 55+ adults (at 79%), while interest in tech, book, and auto festivals is relatively stable across all age groups.  Young adults in the 25-34 age group are more likely than others to attend film & theatre festivals (58%) and E-sports events (46%). 


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