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The most frequent breakdowns of mining equipment – when ASIC repair is needed – UAE Today Blog

ASIC miner – narrowly focused equipment for professional cryptocurrency mining. This computer equipment is very efficient, productive and easy to use. It allows you to mine coins as quickly and profitably as possible. However, due to some features of the device it is quite demanding in terms of resources. 

In this material we will consider the main causes of equipment breakdowns and the stages of repair work. We will also give some useful recommendations on the subject of extending the performance of a high-tech device and how to choose a bitcoin hosting service in UAE and all over the world.

How an ASIC miner works

To better understand the causes and symptoms of breakdowns, you should briefly familiarize yourself with the device of smart equipment.

The equipment consists of:

  • special asic boards – are in the unit of the device, placed in parallel, blown by air flows to remove excessive heat;
  • microprocessors (chips) – the main executive element of the technique that performs complex actions and is responsible for mining blocks of the required cryptocurrency network;
  • memory block – guarantees the performance of functions laid down by the manufacturer;
  • power supply – provides a stable conversion of AC to DC;
  • coolers – removes heat, protecting the equipment from overheating.

Another important component of the equipment are connectors. They can be used to connect the miner with other external devices, to connect it to the local network.

The most common causes of ASIC failures

The rules of operation prescribed by the manufacturer will help to protect the equipment from the occurrence of malfunctions. However, it is not possible to completely prevent breakdowns. 

There are several reasons that lead to failures of ASIC miners.

  1. Power surges. Power fluctuations have a negative impact on the operation of the equipment. They can lead to the failure of power units and the complete shutdown of the device.
  2. Overheating. The equipment should be operated in the room, which meets the certain requirements concerning the humidity and air temperature. Failure to comply with the norms is fraught with overheating and burnout of microcircuits.
  3. Low power capacity (hash rate). Probably there is a problem with the network connectors or chips not getting enough power.
  4. Factory defect. If problems with chips or power appear, short circuits occur, most likely we are talking about a manufacturing defect. This can apply to both individual components and software. 

Problems with the cooling system. Insufficient cooling may lead to the risk of the board getting burnt out. ASIC miner failure can be caused by mechanical damage, etc.

Breakdowns can be minor (easy to deal with) as well as more profound. Some parts may need to be replaced. In any case, you should not procrastinate with the repair, the problems not eliminated in time will lead to much more serious problems and financial costs.

Symptoms of malfunctions

Here are the main signs that indicate malfunction:

  • the equipment does not turn on;
  • the device turns on, but does not see the network;
  • the equipment does not see the hash board;
  • the automatic start of the control board does not work.

If any malfunction is detected, you should immediately stop using the device.

The main stages of ASIC miner repair

Professional ASIC repair in the service center consists of several main stages:

  1. The master examines the equipment to assess its overall condition;
  2. Checks the technical parameters and characteristics of the computer device;
  3. Determines the effectiveness of the upcoming repair work;
  4. The specialist performs diagnostics of all the components of the equipment;
  5. The electronic elements of the device are soldered; 
  6. If necessary, the failed components are replaced;
  7. The hash board is tested for proper operation.

After all these actions ASIC-miner is sent to the stand, where the computer equipment is tested under load.

Recommendations for preventing ASIC miner breakdowns

Here are some simple recommendations that will help to prolong the “life” of the device for cryptocurrency mining.

  • Compliance with the temperature regime (the room should not exceed +35 ° C);
  • the space where the equipment is located must be well ventilated;
  • it is not allowed to exceed the maximum capacity specified by the manufacturer;
  • It is not recommended to move the equipment without an urgent need.

In addition to the above tips, there are two other very important recommendations: cleanliness of the room and the use of licensed software. Dust tends to accumulate in electronics, which sooner or later will certainly lead to overheating of the equipment. It settles on the equipment, getting soaked with moisture from the air, and short circuits are possible as a result. Filters can also be clogged with dust deposits, which will cause the device to operate at an increased speed. A miner clogged with dust may produce errors or activate the protection mode. Failure to resolve the problem in a timely manner will lead to serious damage.

Installation of unlicensed software (used for overclocking, increasing the efficiency of technology) can lead to overheating of the board and the benefit element out of operation. 

To ensure the performance of the ashik must strictly follow the instructions for use. If the technique still stops functioning, you should not try to fix the problem yourself. ASIC repair requires not only the proper experience, knowledge and skills, but also special equipment and diagnostic equipment. In order not to aggravate the problem, it is better to contact a proven service center to the professionals.

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