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Successful CPR Resuscitation at Al Zahra Hospital: A Team Effort

At Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, our dedicated emergency team recently faced a challenging yet triumphant case of cardiac arrest. A 50-year-old patient was brought to our emergency room by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services amidst ongoing CPR. The DCAS team had already performed CPR for 10 minutes, administered defibrillation twice due to occurrences of ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation, and managed two episodes of seizure.

The patient was not conscious but was agitated, indicating a critical need for immediate intervention. Our emergency team swiftly moved to secure the airway, preparing the necessary medications for intubation. Suddenly, the patient experienced VF again. We delivered another defibrillation shock and proceeded with the intubation without delay, ensuring the airway was managed effectively.

Following the intubation, we administered amiodarone and Levetiracetam and conducted thorough evaluations, including blood tests and an ECG. The ECG revealed diffuse ST depression and tachycardia but no ST elevation. We promptly informed our on-call cardiologist and transferred the patient to the ICU for further care.

Simultaneously, we received another patient with an ST-elevation MI. Prioritizing critical care, the cardiology team opted to take this patient to the cath lab first for an urgent PCI. Once stabilized, they returned to assess the post-CPR patient, revealing that the patient had three completely blocked coronary arteries.

Remarkably, due to the seamless coordination and expertise of our emergency, cardiology, and ICU teams, the patient was stabilized and has since shown significant recovery. Now, he is walking in the ward, grateful for the lifesaving care he received.

This case exemplifies the outstanding teamwork and dedication of our staff at Al Zahra Hospital. It was a collective effort led by Dr. Sabrina, our Head of Department, alongside our skilled nurses, paramedics, and the exceptional guidance of our emergency medicine specialist Dr. Abdolghader and our cardiologist Dr. Elsokary.

We are proud to share this success story as a testament to our commitment to providing the highest quality emergency care. Moments like these highlight the profound impact of our work and the lives we touch every day.

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