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RISE to redefine comprehensive health at Dubai Knowledge Park on March 3rd

Picture a day-long wellness carnival that focuses on personal wellness, self-development, mental and emotional wellbeing, the event will simultaneously hold motivational talks alongside live workshops to awaken the true human potential through Reiki Healing, Yoga, Sound Healing, Art Therapy and 9D Breathwork, uplifting music and entertainment alongside a healthy marketplace the combination is all set to be held first time in Dubai.

The press conference held in Dubai to unveil the details was attended by the founder and organizer, Amitabh Shahani, and a host of ambassadors who gave full details about the awaited event, which will be held on the March 3, 2024 at Dubai Knowledge Park.

Talking about the upcoming event, Amitabh Shahani, the founder, said that “RISE is not just an event, it’s a movement. The visionary has curated an exceptional lineup, featuring global icons who will share their insights on various aspects of well-being. Master Sri Akarshana, Allaoua Gaham, Mary Cristine, Coach Lio, Bana Idris, Diana Kubasova, Dr. Sawsan Saad, Samah Fahs, Yash Moradiya, Ayush Gupta and many more are set to inspire and guide attendees towards a more holistic and fulfilling life.”

He further said that “As RISE captures local attention, its impact resonates globally, positioning itself as a leader in the wellness movement. This event’s unique integration of holistic health practices aligns seamlessly with the global focus on mental and emotional well-being. Against the backdrop of the post-COVID-19 era and current sensitivities in the Middle East, RISE emphasizes on rebuilding a sense of community and humanity.”

The event will be incorporated with many workshops, interactive sessions and live performances to address the different aspects of human life to come out of stress and anxiety through different exercises.

Dubai Sports Council, the government body overseeing sports development in Dubai, stands as a key supporter of RISE. “Their commitment to promoting physical wellness aligns seamlessly with the event’s vision, reinforcing Dubai’s role as a hub for comprehensive wellbeing,” he added.

In association with Heartfullness, where they through thousands of HeartSpots globally and a transformative smartphone app, offers a daily practice for awakening human potential, all free of charge.

The event will also offer healthy food and sustainable brands under the ‘Not just for Vegans’ umbrella as the marketplace who are dedicated to providing eco-friendly and sustainable products, ranging from beautiful luxury items to everyday essentials.

Zen Yoga, renowned for its diverse range of yoga and pilates classes, enriches the RISE experience with its commitment to fostering a deeper mind-body connection. The workshops at the event are powered by Zen Yoga, bringing their expertise to enhance the holistic well-being journey for attendees.

The other speakers mentioned that and Amitabh Shahani asserts, “RISE is more than an event; it’s a revolution in wellness, emphasizing that self development and discovery is and can be a lot of fun with the help of the right people. We are not just changing how people view health; we are redefining it for a new era.” The event sets a new standard, combining health, innovation, sustainability and entertainment in a unique and impactful way. As RISE gains momentum, its influence extends beyond Dubai, inspiring a global audience to embrace a holistic approach to health and well-being.

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