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“Plan B” clinched a contract to manage utilities in two towers in “Majan”, “Dubai Land”

“Plan B” clinched a contract to manage utilities in two towers in “Majan”, “Dubai Land”

  • Saleh Tabbakh: Utility management is a significant element in assessing the market value of properties

Dubai,27 November 2023: “Plan B” Company for Real Estate and Operation Services, which is a subsidiary of Andalusia Real Estate Investment & Development, the Dubai-based leading real estate developing group, announced that it had clinched a contract to provide two towers in “Majan” Neighborhood, in Dubai Land.

Saleh Tabbakh, the CEO of Andalusia Real Estate Investment & Development, commented on this announcement and said: “We are delighted to be awarded the contract to provide Kaizen, one of the well-known owner pool management companies in Dubai, with the utility management services”. Tabbakh highlighted “Plan B” Company’s commitment to working hard to offer the best innovative services.

Tabbakh stated that utility management is a significant element in assessing the market value of properties, as the type and quality of this service help bring in the best rent revenues. He underscored that “Plan B” focuses on providing extra and innovative services to convert the projects it manages into excellent, best- serviced utilities.

Kaizen Asset Management Services, one of the most prominent owner pool management companies, was established by Fadi Nwilati.

Nwilati expressed his pleasure for the inclusion of “Plan B” Company in the team of Kaizen. He confirmed that Kaizen always strives to provide its clients with the best and the most cost-effective services, with a focus on offering an  an exceptional experience.

From his part, Mohammad Younus, the Operative Manager of “Plan B”, told that the company will supervise the management of the two towers in “Majan” Neighborhood, and will provide them with new services and improvements that bring added value. Younus mentioned that “Plan B” realizes the fact that properly maintained utilities hugely impact the value of properties. Accordingly, the company is committed to offering  high level services inside the two towers that bring the owners better rent revenue. Younus added that “Plan B”, as a pioneering company in utility management, which has an extensive experience in this industry, owns the necessary skills to meet the unique requirements of the two towers. He confirmed that the company aspires to satisfy its clients, and offer innovative solutions that guarantee a seamless experience to all tenants and the concerned stakeholders. “The company strives to offer information technology based solutions, and to rationalize the costs to reach the optimum solution for each property. Moreover, “Plan B” also develops innovative services to communities, which include the benefit from the tenants of these communities and their experiences, and integrating them into the working team, to offer them the opportunity to earn extra revenue, and provide them with services that will be the first in the region”, Younus concluded.

About Andalusia Real Estate Investment & Development:

Andalusia Real Estate Investment & Development, based in Dubai, was established in 2019 with the aim of attracting Saudi investments and financial portfolios for commercial and service investment in the United Arab Emirates. The group succeeded in attracting a number of Saudi shareholders and developed its first projects, which is the “Andalusia Courtyard” shopping complex in the Emirate of Dubai. The group includes a number of companies specialized in real estate development, maintenance, asset management, commercial investment, retail stores, general investments and real estate financing.

Andalusia Real Estate Investment & Development also works in the field of restaurants and obtains “franchise rights” from international restaurants, in addition to managing the assets that are being developed by it, and internally providing most of the administrative, engineering and commercial services.

About Kaizen Asset Management Services:

Kaizen Asset Management Services, established by Fadi Nwilati in 2006 in the UAE, operates in investment consultations and property management. It offers comprehensive solutions in property and community, owner affairs, residential unit management, and handover services. The company owns an asset management portfolio of AED 12 M and has a membership in the US Green Building Council.

About Saleh Tabakh:

Saleh Tabakh, who has extensive experience in the real estate market exceeding 18 years, has been CEO of Al Andalus Courtyard Real Estate Developer in Dubai since November 2020.

He was an adviser to the CEO and Head of Trade, Development and Operations in the “MAG Real Estate Development” between 2019 and 2020, on the board of “GLG”, a consultant based in New York City, between 2016 and 2021, CEO of the “Delta International” real estate company between 2014 and 2019 and General Manager for Middle East  at the “United Excellence”group between 2013 and 2014.

He held several positions in the Dubai Properties Group over a period of ten years, including: Chief Commercial Officer between 2010 and 2012, Director of Marketing and Communications between 2009 and 2010, Senior Executive Officer of Marketing and Communications between 2007 and 2009, and Property Executives between 2006 and 2007. During his career he contributed to important projects such as the “Jumeirah Beach Residence”, “Business Bay”, “Sunrise and Sunset Mirdif”, “Layan” and “Al Waha” projects in Dubailand, “Al Khail Gate” and “The Villa”.

Saleh Tabakh supervised and contributed to more than 18 important real estate projects in the Emirate of Dubai, and participated with the Dubai Land Department in launching initiatives, the most important of which is the crowdfunding initiative, collective ownership, and other important initiatives.

He began his professional career in the field of building materials, where he worked in the technical support department in the “National Paints” factories between 2003 and 2006.

He holds a master’s degree in business development in 2015 from the Open University in the United Kingdom, a master’s degree in risk management in 2010 from the University of Bradford, and a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship in 2003 from the University of Greenwich.

About Serdur Global:

Serdur Global is a leading group in Turkey, and has a track record that is full of successful projects in Middle East, Africa, USA, and Europe.

The group provided prominent brands with its services. The portfolio of Serdur Global’s clients includes Swiss Hotels, Hilton, Marriot, Hyaat, Rixos, and W Hotels, and many other luxurious hotels all over the world.

Serdur Global is specialized in manicuring the luxurious furniture and fit-out, through its showrooms throughout Turkey, and its huge factory in Istanbul, and whose stuff of about 1000 employees.

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