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Participants In The “Step For Life” Initiative Walk 150 Million Steps – UAE Today Blog

More than 3000 persons of various ages, multi-nationalities & different classes in society have participated in the “Step for Life” Initiative and walked 150 million steps.

The “Step for Life” Initiative is launched by the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department in Dubai & Dubai Sports Council in partnership with Plan B Group.

The Initiative aims to encourage members in society to contribute to charitable work and to combine between sport & charitable activities through participating in the one–billion steps walk initiative versus amount of money for the sake of Al-Jalila Foundation.

The steps are counted through the Steppi Application, which is provided to each participant to calculate his steps accurately.

The Initiative’s target is to reach one billion steps, against which the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department will pay Dhs one million to support Al-Jalila Foundation. The more steps walked by participants, the much money will be paid by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department for charitable works.

Two vital areas have been chosen to promote for the Initiative; these are: the Quranic Park in Al Khawaneej and Kite Beach, which comprise residential areas inhabited by huge numbers of Emirati families and visited by several expatriates who reside in the country.

Two accompanying events are organized in these districts, and they become as a sports platform in which a professional trainer provides free trainings for public at 05:00 pm (before Iftar). Vehicles of mobile clinics, provided by Al Jalila Foundation, are available to conduct general check-up for public, under the umbrella of the initiative, in addition to paramedics in case of emergency.

The Initiative is held in collaboration with RTA, Dubai Municipality, UAE Sports for All Federation, the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department, Plan B Group and Steppi Application.

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