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Perfume packaging is the first thing that people see when they view your fragrance sitting on a store shelf. If your packaging and design do not catch the person’s eye, it will have a major impact on your sales and success.


The Importance of Packaging in Perfumery: How Design Affects Sales?

Perfumery is an industry where packaging means a lot. A staggering 72% of consumers state that packaging will impact their decision to make a purchase. Every day, new perfumes are formulated and waiting for their time to hit store shelves.

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Even if you create a truly one-of-a-kind scent, you risk no one smelling it if you haven’t spent time on the packaging. The main drawback of product creation is that you may have a deep passion for scents, but chances are, you’re not as enthusiastic about packing.

If you fail to create the right packaging, you’ll:

  • Struggle to make sales
  • Blend in with the competition
  • Fall into the “shadows”

Marketing experts call packaging its own “salesman,” and this is a good analogy because the luxury perfume industry wants unique packaging.

Successful packaging is a necessity when selling luxury perfume. It draws customers in and convinces them to make a purchase because the entire package – bottle and all – looks great.

Scent and sight may be two different senses, but the latter often makes the decision when buying products.

When it comes to packaging, a few elements to consider are:

  • Packaging material: What material are you using for your packaging? Does the material scream “elegance” or “boring?” Many bottles are placed in a wooden box to keep them free from breakage and protect the perfume during transport. You must create packaging that is elegant and protects each fragrance bottle.
  • Bottle design: What type of bottle will you use? A tall, elegant bottle, or a short, wide one? Will the bottle be eco-friendly and able to be reused? Consider the environmental impact that your product will have on the world.

Many companies approach their bottle design differently. Let’s look at an example of how one company is tackling its bottle design.

Creating a Custom Bottle: Maison 21G’s Approach to Perfume Packaging

Perfume brand Maison 21G is a prime example of how packaging can impact the customer experience and brand perception. 

Perfume packaging is an integral part of Maison 21G’s business. The brand takes a unique approach, which includes:

  • Sustainability
  • Refined ingredient controls

Bespoke packaging also helps Maison 21G maintain a competitive edge. Once customers have created their scents, they can create a custom bottle using the company’s complimentary UV printing machine.

Working closely with suppliers, Maison 21G ensures that all products are recyclable and refillable. Consumers who reuse their bottles can take advantage of a refill discount from the company. The approach to eco-friendly packaging helps consumers make a choice to smell divine while protecting the environment.

The Role of Branding in Perfumery: From Logo Design to Product Photography

Branding is something every business should be engaging in if they want to differentiate themselves from the competition. There are a few things that you need to consider, and these factors will translate to your packaging too. They include:


When looking at your logo, does it look upscale? Is it easy to tell your logo apart from others? You’ll find that logos are often:

  • Written in script to show off the designer’s name
  • Elegant yet simple
  • Demonstrate richness (think diamonds or gold colors)

Working with a brand specialist will help you create a logo that will attract customers and make you a household name.

Color Scheme

What is the color scheme of your brand? It’s crucial that the packaging and even the label on your bottle maintain an on-brand color scheme. The right colors will help you maintain prominence over the competition.


Your message must resonate with your audience. What message do you want your audience to see? Perhaps you have a simple slogan like “Smell like the divine” that people will see and decide to give your perfume a try.


Fonts are another part of branding that should be added to your brand kit. Bold, easy-to-read fonts work very well and are something to think about for your logo and packaging.

In Conclusion


Perfumery is an industry that is all about image. You must stand out from the competition in everything that you do. Even Coco Chanel’s famous No. 5 would have failed if the packaging wasn’t perfect.

It’s crucial for fragrances to have the right mix of branding and packaging to attract customers to try your perfume and experience the scent that you create.

If you neglect to use the right packaging and logo, you’ll end up with lower sales. After all, if people want to make a statement when they use your perfume, you need to make your own statement with packaging that is too attractive to overlook.

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