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MOU signed between Amity University and UAE Sports Science and Sports Medicine Center

UAE Sports Science and Sports Medicine Center and Amity University Dubai sign cooperation agreement to promote and bridge partnerships with various academic entities

>> H.E Saeed Abdul Ghaffar: The General Authority of Sports aims to encourage partnership with various institutions in UAE in order to prepare a generation of skilled and outstanding athletes and train individuals as part of the UAE ‘The principles of the 50’.

>> Abdulla Mehiwa: In line with the strategic goals of the General Authority of Sports, we have been relentlessly working to prepare, equip and cultivate sports leadership in the UAE, further enhancing their academic as well as practical knowledge by collaborating with various educational institutions. 

24 August 2023- The UAE Sports Science & Sports Medicine Center affiliated to General Authority of Sports(GAS)signed acooperation agreement with Amity University – Dubai to cooperate in the areas of training, academia, research, and development. As part of the agreement both sides will build and strengthen collaborations with other academic institutions to approve the Centre’s research, study, and training credentials. The signing of the agreement follows as series of agreements intended to encouraging openness among the local community, thus supporting the growth and development of the UAE’s sports industry, as well as other administrative organisations, technical and executive bodies.

The agreement was signed by Abdulla Meyiwa, head of the interim management committee of the UAE Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine Center and Dr Fazal Malik, Pro Vice Chancellor of Amity University Dubai, in the presence of H.E Saeed Abdul Ghaffar, Director General of GAS. The signing ceremony was also attended by representatives of Amity University.

H.E Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Hussein, Director General of GAS said: “The Authority has set a goal of fostering collaborations with various national organisations, both public and private, and working together with partners to enhance the UAE sports market. It aims to improve the quality of administrative mechanisms and create sports cadres who are well equipped to attain leadership and ensure a prosperous future for the sports sector. This is in accordance with the UAE’s the ‘Principles of the 50,’ which seeks to upskill human capital and develop a team a experts and specialists to nurture exchange of knowledge in the field of sports and applied science by integrating advanced sports sciences’ plans and programs.”

Abdulla Mehiwa, head of the interim management committee of the UAE Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine Center: stressed on the significance of this agreement with Amity University Dubai as it will promote joint academic and research plans as well as training programs and scientific studies and research in the field of sports sciences and sports medicines.

Mehiwa said: “We consider partnerships with academic entities as the key pillar of success, achievement and progress, which have contributed to encouraging the development of the sports sector and implementing UAE Sports Science and Sports Medicine Centre’s action plans, in line with the strategic objectives of the General Authority of Sports. Through employing the advanced means of academic studies and global practices, these plans seek to prepare, qualify and improve sports leadership in the country. In addition, it also aims at upskilling technical and executive sports bodies of the UAE to benefit the administrative and technical works of sports entities.”

Furthermore, the agreement aims to manage cooperation between both parties to support them in attaining their objectives, under a joint action plan across multiple areas including education, scientific research and training, support for cultural and developmental initiatives, joint academic scientific programme design and implementation, knowledge exchange through research and studies, conducting seminars, workshops and trainings, as well as specialised conferences. As per the agreement, the programs will be held at the headquarters of Amity University and the General Authority of Sports.

Under the cooperation agreement, the UAE Sports Science and Sports Medicine Center and Amity University will collaborate to host several science events and activities in the coming period. The joint efforts will also help in the development of new training programs and pathways, as well as numerous workshops and dedicated programmes that will focus on areas like sports governance, intellectual property rights and artificial intelligence, which are the key factors in developing scientific capabilities, qualify and refine sports cadres, and upskill them to strengthen the UAE sports sector. The Centre seeks to reinforce its cooperation and build further partnerships with several academic entities within the country and across the globe.


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