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MOEI Supports UAE Maritime Week In Mission To Empower Future Workforce Calibre For A Thriving National Maritime Economy – UAE Today Blog

Recognising the need for competent future maritime professionals to sustain the sector’s growth in the years to come, the UAE Maritime Week with the support of the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI UAE), has committed to serve as a knowledge hub for aspiring professionals through its interactive sessions with maritime leaders. Held under the patronage of MOEI UAE, the Week will unify prominent figures from the industry, and students from leading educational institutes to explore opportunities in the sector, and promote sustainable economic development. Scheduled to take place on 15-19 May, 2023, the UAE Maritime Week will equip budding professionals with the right knowledge and skill sets required to create a bright future for the industry in the region and beyond.

The maritime industry plays a crucial role in driving the UAE’s economy, contributing over AED 90 billion to the country’s GDP annually. The nation’s strategic location at the crossroads of major shipping routes makes it a leading global trade hub, and home to over 27,000 maritime companies. In order to sustain and further develop this sector locally and regionally, competent professionals with specialised skills in maritime operations, management, technology, and regulations are essential. Such calibre is needed to ensure the efficient and safe functioning of industry operations, and to drive innovation for the sustainable progress of the sector.

Inspiring young talent

Through sessions such as the Future Leaders Forum, the event will act as an accelerator for a dynamic community of industry visionaries and students to participate in knowledge exchange about the best practices in the sector. The Forum will highlight success stories, thus inspiring and positively influencing young minds. It will also inform them about the solid growth opportunities in the maritime and logistics industry, and discuss emerging roles of the future, which will be shaped by the upcoming generation.

One of the key sessions within the Forum is the Leadership Masterclass that will chart the trajectory of one of the industry’s young stars, Capt. Rami Al Breiki, Chairman, YoungShip UAE, who will share what it takes to achieve success in the maritime sector. Speaking on his participation, Capt. Al Breiki said: “The competency of its personnel, as well as their willingness to constantly adapt to changing circumstances and improve accordingly, determine the success of any industry in the globe. This is why we value the support from entities like MOEI UAE, which launches groundbreaking projects to empower future maritime leaders year after year, and platforms like the UAE Maritime Week, which excite and encourage young talents to explore the industry and its wide prospects. It is a true honour to be invited to speak at an event with a long history and a reputation for pioneering ideas. Without a doubt, the event’s interactive seminars and networking opportunities provide prospective professionals with a plethora of knowledge and insights from experts in the area, allowing them to make educated career decisions.”

Bridging the gap

Highlighting the importance of partnerships to achieve industry growth, Farhan Saeed, Assistant Professor – Engineering Technology & Science, Faculty of Engineering, HCT said: “Partnering with leading events and maritime entities in the region is essential to spread more awareness amongst students about what the industry has to offer on-ground. Hence, year after year, we partner with UAE Maritime Week to support the next generation of maritime professionals. Strategically planned sessions, specifically curated with students in mind, are integral to the sector’s progress. Such learning opportunities will not only showcase the maritime industry’s rapidly-changing landscape, but it will also highlight the sector’s competitiveness and what tomorrow’s professionals need to know to stay at the top of their game.”

Emphasising the impact of empowering future leaders of the sector, Chris Morley, Group Director, Seatrade Maritime said: “By collaborating with education institutes and bringing them to the event, we aim to bridge the gap between aspiring maritime professionals and industry experts. This serves as an important step towards promoting sustainable economic development in the UAE as training and career development paths will reflect today’s priorities based on the existing needs of the sector. We are expecting our event to have a significant impact on the industry by better informing the future maritime workforce and helping companies discover fresh talent. As the event is just weeks away, we are looking forward to welcoming students and industry leaders to this exciting platform that will bring to the table fresh perspectives, ideas, and insights that will benefit the sector in the long run.”

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