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Modernize your Veterinary Practice with EUROVETS

Modernize your Veterinary Practice with EUROVETS

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 2023: Eurovets, a leading animal care equipment and supplies distributor in the UAE, is set to modernize the industry landscape with the launch of an array of innovative products and services. The company’s latest line-up includes urine sediment analyser, alternative therapy, pet nutrition, supplements, anaesthesia, and dental care, offering a solution to clinics that look forward to upgrading their facilities.

Among the game-changing offerings unveiled by Eurovets, the IDEXX SediVue- A Sediment Urine Analysis takes centre stage as a breakthrough diagnostic tool, promising unparalleled precision in the detection and management of urinary tract conditions. Furthermore, the introduction of VetBot’s Pet Treadmill signifies a leap forward in pet fitness and rehabilitation, underlining Eurovets’ commitment to promoting animal wellness through state-of-the-art technology.

In addition, Eurovets has also introduced RWD’s Laser Treatment, a non-invasive, advanced therapeutic option facilitating expedited recovery and pain management for pets. Complementing these advancements, the integration of F10 Products reinforces Eurovets dedication to upholding rigorous standards of biosecurity with ATP testing, and wounds management in pets with the use of F10 products.

The company’s collaboration with Calibra brings forth a range of scientifically crafted veterinary treats, that are specifically formulated in line with the Veterinary Diet. Treating your dog with these snacks will not compromise the dietary food’s therapeutic effect.  Additionally, the introduction of Pet Supplements underscores Eurovets’ commitment to comprehensive animal care, providing tailored nutritional support to address specific health concerns and promote overall well-being.

Eurovets distinguishes itself as a comprehensive supply and solutions partner for all businesses in the animal care sector. Beyond offering super-premium brands, Eurovets provides a complete service package that includes round-the-clock technical support, comprehensive training and educational resources, and robust marketing support. This commitment to comprehensive support underscores Eurovets dedication to setting new industry standards and ensuring the highest quality of care for animals in the GCC region.


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