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Mister Baker Unveils Eggless Cakes Menu for Vegetarians!

Mister Baker Unveils Eggless Cakes Menu for Vegetarians!

According to recent data, 3 out of every 10 customers at Mister Baker prefer eggless cakes.

United Arab Emirates: Mister Baker, the iconic homegrown dessert brand with a sweet legacy of three decades, is set to elevate celebrations with its latest offering—a splendid New Eggless Cakes Menu! Perfect for those with a taste for vegetarian delights, this menu introduces an array of scrumptious treats, including the divine Chocolate Truffle Cake, the decadent Ferrero Rocher Cake, and the timeless Black Forest Cake.

In response to the changing dietary preferences in the UAE, Mister Baker recognises the need to provide inclusive options for its customers. Recent data reveals that 3 out of every 10 customers at Mister Baker prefer eggless cakes, making this a sweet move to cater to evolving dietary preferences.

This culinary revolution is especially noteworthy in the UAE, a melting pot of cultures witnessing a surge in vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. With 9% of the population identifying as vegetarians, Mister Baker’s Eggless Cakes Menu is a delectable response to the growing demand for plant-based options.

Featuring a lineup that includes Chocolate Truffle Lattice Cake, Eggfree Oreo Cake, Raffaello Cake, Black & White Forest Cake, White Forest Cake Premium, Black Forest Cake, Choco Fudge Cake, and Cheesecake, Mister Baker ensures there’s a treat for every sweet tooth.

With over 10,000 Jains and 51% Indians residing in the UAE, the introduction of eggless cakes not only aligns with specific dietary needs but also celebrates the rich culinary heritage of these communities.

Tushar Fotedar, Director at Mister Baker, shares insights into the creation of the Eggless Cakes Menu, stating, “Mastering the art of cake for three decades has been a journey of passion, creativity, and a commitment to delivering an extraordinary taste experience for every palate. With our new Eggless Cakes Menu, we strive to bring the exact same flavours that our patrons have loved over the years to our eggless creations.”

Prices of eggless cakes start at AED 99

About Mister Baker

Founded in 1990 by Taizoon Khorakiwala and Lokesh Fotedar, Mister Baker has been a beacon of sweetness in celebrations for over three decades. With 26 locations across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, and Al Ain, Mister Baker remains committed to crafting quality, unforgettable treats that capture the essence of every celebration.




Dubai: Karama, Deira, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Al Nahda, Mirdiff, Etihad Mall, Al Barsha, Umm Sequim, JLT, Jumeirah 2, Dubai Motor City, Dubai Investment Park.

Abu Dhabi: Hamdan Street, Airport Road, Khalidiya, Baniyas, Al Ain Mall, Muttawa.

Sharjah: Abu Shagara, Al Gubaiba, Al Zahra,

Ajman: Dana Plaza, Al Jurf, City Life Mall.

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