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McDonald’s UAE Introduces The Exciting “McDonald’s Junior Padel Academy” – UAE Today Blog

McDonald’s UAE has launched the McDonald’s Junior Padel Academy that is aimed to promote accessible and social experiences for families. The Academy will provide kids free access to padel clubs and experienced coaches and will run for 10 weeks in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, starting from May 6th. Kids can enjoy weekly two-hour sessions held every Saturday, with seven established padel clubs across 48 courts offering the program.

The Academy is aimed at making padel facilities accessible to kids and providing them with the opportunity to learn from the best coaches in the UAE. The Academy’s goal is to encourage kids to learn a sport that is gaining popularity worldwide and will encourage them to develop their team spirit while creating a positive impact on their overall well-being. McDonald’s UAE has created a weekly activity schedule that teaches padel techniques and skills to kids concluding with a friendly internal competition.

Commenting on the launch, Walid Fakih, CEO at McDonald’s UAE, said, “We are excited to launch the McDonald’s Junior Padel Academy, which is in line with our commitment to promoting an active lifestyle for families, and we believe that padel is a sport that can help us achieve this goal. We want to make this exciting sport accessible to kids across the UAE and encourage them to develop new skills while having fun. Our aim is to create a welcoming environment where kids can learn, grow, and bond over the game of padel.”

McDonald’s UAE will continue to contribute to the rise of padel in the nation, as the announcement follows its sponsorship of the World Padel Tour’s (WPT) first ever Abu Dhabi Padel Master tournament, that took place earlier this year.

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