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Lamborghini Abu Dhabi & Dubai Announces UAE Finalists For The Real Race Esports Programme – UAE Today Blog

Lamborghini Abu Dhabi and Dubai announced the top three UAE finalists for The Real Race Esports Programme to be held in Nürburgring, Germany, in July 2023. The Real Race Esports tournament began in May 2023 for participants to compete and become an official Lamborghini Esports driver. Lamborghini Abu Dhabi and Dubai became the first dealer in the world to participate in the programme and visited prominent schools and universities in the UAE to identify and recruit talented student and racing enthusiasts to participate in the programme.

The initiative, which seeks to promote and showcase emerging talents in the automotive industry by engaging enthusiasts in the Esports arena, is the result of the company’s commitment to innovation and passion for motorsport. As part of the program, students with exceptional lap performances were given the opportunity to showcase their racing skills at Lamborghini’s showrooms in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The top three finalists – Vinn Kuejpers, Ruslan Khamidullina, and Connor McGowan – were selected from these showdowns and will compete in The Real Race finals that will feature other top racers from around the globe.

The final grid will feature 23 drivers, including 16 qualified drivers and one wildcard qualifier each from Paul Ricard, Spa-Francorchamps, and Nürburgring, in addition to the three from Lamborghini Abu Dhabi and Dubai. These finalists and wildcard competitors will be invited to the Fanatec Arena to compete in an on-site grand finale that will take place in conjunction with the GT World Challenge race weekend at the renowned Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit.

Mr. Rakan Turki, CEO of Lamborghini Abu Dhabi & Dubai, commented: “Through ‘The Real Race Esports Programme’, we aim to showcase emerging talents in the motorsport and Esports industries. The tournament is a testament to Lamborghini’s unwavering commitment to supporting exceptional talent and paving their path to success. Lamborghini Abu Dhabi and Dubai is honoured to facilitate a platform that nurtures the passion and skills of young racing drivers in the UAE and look forward to their exceptional performances in the finals to be held in Nürburgring, Germany.”

Each finalist in The Real Race Esports Programme will have the opportunity to join the new Automobili Lamborghini Esports Team as a factory driver and compete in some of the most prestigious Esports racing competitions across the world. The competition broadens Lamborghini’s presence in international virtual racing and transforms the careers of skilled racers to reach new heights in the Esports racing platform.

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