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KEZAD Embarks on AED 55 million Project for Infrastructure Upgrade

KEZAD Embarks on AED 55 million Project for Infrastructure Upgrade over 40,000 sqmin KEZAD Musaffah(ICAD 1)

Repair and Recarpeting of 23kmof Roads, Widening of Junctions, Lighting Enhancements to Ensure Smoother Flow of Traffic

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 26 July 2023:Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi – KEZAD Group, the largest operator of integrated and purpose-built economic zones in the UAE, today announced that it has commenced the upgrade and revamp of the road network and facilities across 40,000 sqm in KEZAD Musaffah(ICAD 1).

The AED 55 million project includes repairs and recarpeting of 23km of roads within KEZAD Musaffah(ICAD 1), as well as widening of junctions, enhanced road markings and lighting, in additon tohard lanscaping and provison of bus stops.

The enhancements are aimed at significantly improving the flow of traffic and facilitating the movement of goodsto and fromthe area. The project is being executed in coordination with relevant government agencies such as the Abu Dhabi CityMunicipality and Integrated Transport Centre, among others, as well as the businesses operatingin the area to ensure smoothest possible workflow at an accelerated pace.

The project is planned to be completed in phaseswithout causing organisational or movement challengesto businesses operating in the area.

Mohamed Al Khadar Al Ahmed, CEO Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi – KEZAD Group, said: “KEZAD Group is continually looking for ways to improve the business experience of our clients. By improving our road network systems and facilities in Mussafah, we are providing our existing clients faster and more efficient world-class connectivity, in addition to sustainable and high quality infrastructure with global standards, that meets their requirements,in line with the vision of the wise leadership.

“The upgradation of the vital industrial area in KEZAD Musaffah (ICAD 1)will go a long way in reinforcing Abu Dhabi’s position as an advanced economic and industrial hub, which plays a key role in the development of the emirate’s economy.”

As always, the KEZAD Group management is taking a keen interest in the project to ensure not only the convinience of the businesses in the area, but also that it follows the best global environmental practices and sustainable development to preserve the natural environment and reduce energy consumption.


For media enquiries, please contact:

Yasir Saeed Zubairi
Manager Communication,
Economic Cities & Free Zones,
AD Ports Group

About KEZAD Group:

KEZAD Group, a subsidiary of AD Ports Group under its Economic Cities & Free Zones Cluster, is the largest operator of integrated and purpose-built economic zones in the United Arab Emirates. Providing competitive business ecosystems that encourage unprecedented growth, KEZAD Group is a key strategic enabler of Abu Dhabi’s vision for the diversification of its economy.

KEZAD Group’s vital infrastructure and services span 12 economic zones (located in Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain City and Al Dhafra Region) covering a total area of 550km2 and including more than 40 staff accommodation complexes under its subsidiary KEZAD Communities.

KEZAD Group provides strategic market access, lower operating costs, and ease of doing business to more than 1,850 investors from 17 key industrial sectors. KEZAD Group’s ecosystem provides world-class transportation infrastructure with multimodal connectivity, 100 percent foreign ownership, 100 percent repatriation of capital and profit, the potential for duty-free trade within the region, and advanced technology platforms.

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