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Kanoo Energy: Leading the Way to a Sustainable Energy Future at ADIPEC 2023

Kanoo Energy: Leading the Way to a Sustainable Energy Future at ADIPEC 2023

Kanoo Energy showcased innovative energy solutions such as carbon capture, 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, robotics, and emissions monitoring at the event. 

– Kanoo Energy’s partner, Carbon Clean, signed a project with ADNOC Group and received an award for the Clean Energy Technology Innovation of the Year 2023 Including Fertiglobe and Carbon Clean

Dubai, UAE: Kanoo Energy, a part of Kanoo Industrial & Energy has successfully concluded participation in the 4-day Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) 2023. In close partnership with an array of industry leaders, the company exhibited a variety of energy solutions and technological expertise customized for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, highlighting innovations such as carbon capture, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, robotics, and advanced emissions monitoring solutions.

These esteemed partnerships included Carbon Clean (Carbon Capture) Woodfield Systems International (fluid handling and safety solutions), Robo ++ (robotics) uvex (occupational safety products), CIRCOR (flow control for Industrial, Aerospace, and Defense), Altanova (electrical asset monitoring), Petra Mechatronics (chemicals), Imaginarium (3D printing & additive manufacturing), Senior Flexonics (expansion joints), and TLV (steam trap specialists). In addition, Desolinator (water management), Geospatial (satellite-based emission) and Klinger (emission monitoring).

One of the key highlights of Kanoo Energy’s participation at ADIPEC 2023 is the announcement of Carbon Clean signing a significant project with ADNOC Group. This project involves the installation of 10 tonnes of the Cyclone CC carbon capture unit daily at Fertiglobe’s nitrogen plant in the Ruwais Industrial Complex. Additionally, Carbon Clean has been honoured with the Clean Energy Technology Innovation Award of the Year 2023.

Speaking about the event, Ali Abdulla Kanoo, President of Kanoo Industrial and Energy said, “In keeping with ADNOC’s visionary initiative, our journey with ADIPEC has always strengthened our commitment to pioneering tech-driven energy solutions. We strive to bring revolutionary sustainable reform by harnessing modern technology to steer the industry toward the UAE’s vision of a green future.

Kanoo Energy, a sustainability champion, leads efforts for a cleaner environment, economic growth, energy security, and social benefits as the UAE readies for COP28.

Mr. Fahad Fawzi Kanoo, CEO of The Kanoo Group UAE, emphasized Kanoo Energy’s unwavering vision stating, “At Kanoo Energy, our goal is crystal clear, to lead the way in innovation and decarbonization. COP 28 is reshaping the energy landscape, and Kanoo Energy remains at the forefront through innovative sustainable solutions.”

Manoj Tripathy, CEO of Kanoo Industrial and Energy, shed light on their contribution to building national capacities in energy technologies. He stated, “Our commitment to innovation through collaboration is exemplified by our longstanding partnership with ADIPEC. As the energy industry rapidly embraces innovative technologies, we are dedicated to leading this transformation and promoting a sustainable energy ecosystem.”

We are delighted to be part of this transformative initiative alongside ADNOC and our esteemed partners at Kanoo Energy,” said Anirudh Sharma, Co-founder & CEO of Carbon Clean. “Carbon Clean remains committed to advancing sustainable solutions and addressing the urgent global need for carbon capture technologies. Together, we are charting a more sustainable future for industries worldwide.”

During the event spanning four days, ADIPEC 2023 drew in over 150,000 professionals and corporate representatives this year. Hosted by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) in the capital of the UAE, ADIPEC was the world’s most influential meeting place where oil, gas and energy companies and professionals convened in person, safely and securely.

About Kanoo Energy

Part of Kanoo Industrial & Energy, Kanoo Energy has been in operation for more than 2 decades providing end-to-end solutions for diverse industrial applications. It provides sustainable solutions to utility companies, refineries, petrochemicals, aviation and in the GCC industrial sector as a whole, through smart engineering and value-added services. It is recognized across the region for bringing customized value-added solutions through a well-developed network of reputed manufacturers worldwide and extensive relationships with international associates, supported locally by highly qualified multinational engineering staff.

The group’s skilled and experienced staff provides engineered solutions that adhere stringently to local legislation, as well as fully complying with international engineering standards and best practices.


ADIPEC is an international platform uniting industry to accelerate urgent, collective and responsible action to decarbonize quicker and future-proof our energy system. Hosted by ADNOC under the theme ‘Decarbonizing. Faster. Together.’, ADIPEC builds on its nearly four-decade legacy as an inclusive platform, facilitating dialogue across the entire energy ecosystem and beyond, fostering cross-sector partnerships and inspiring game-changing solutions towards a cleaner, more secure energy future.

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