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Italy’s Emerges As 4th Largest Cosmetics Exporter To UAE. The Italian Beauty Industry In The UAE Was At The Center Of Italian Beauty Event Organized By The Italian Trade Agency

Italian beauty brands have firmly entrenched themselves in the UAE’s beauty and personal care market, one of the country’s fastest-growing consumer sectors. Distinguished by their innovative products, premium quality ingredients and attractive designs, Italy now holds over 7% of the market share in the UAE beauty sector. This achievement positions Italy as the 4th largest cosmetics exporter to the UAE, following France, India and the USA.

 Italian Beauty Event, organized by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in collaboration with Cosmetica Italia and Cosmoprof, convened industry leaders and key stakeholders from the cosmetics and beauty industry for an engaging evening centered around the theme “The Journey to Italian Beauty” last night.

 Yesterday’s event spotlighted a keynote address by Valerio Soldani, Italian Trade Commissioner to the UAE; Fabio Franchina, Vice President of Cosmetica Italia in charge for Internationalization; Patrizia Necchi, Senior Key Account – Incoming Buyer Office, Cosmoprof Worldwide; and Lorenzo Fanara, Italian Ambassador to the UAE.

 A panel discussion delved into perception of Made in Italy cosmetics products in the Emirati and GCC markets and on industry trends in the cosmetics industry, featuring prominent figures from the regional retail and cosmetics landscape, including Mohammed Madi, Group Chairman MADI International; Jonathan Lantoine, General Manager MEA KIKO; Fabio Franchina, President Framesi Spa whose products are distributed in the UAE by Enigma Beauty Group.

 The event sponsors, makeup brand Kiko Milano, salon supplier Madi International, and Enigma Beauty Group with Framesi hair care products, delivered ineractive demo sessions at the event, offering a look into the various facets of the cosmetics industry.

 Lorenzo Fanara, Ambassador of Italy to the UAE, said: Many Emirati customers choose Made in Italy cosmetic products as a guarantee of high standards, unique style and extraordinary beauty. The success of the Italian cosmetic sector in the UAE is also the confirmation of the innovative and creative approach followed by many Italian companies. I therefore would like to thank the companies participating to this event, that significantly contribute to our trade export and to Italy’s reputation as a global leader in this sector. A special thanks to the Italian Trade Agency and to Bulgari Hotel in Dubai, prestigious location of this event.

 Valerio Soldani, Italian Trade Commissioner to the UAE and Director of the UAE’s ITA office, commented: “Through collaborative efforts with industry leaders, the Italian Trade Agency in the UAE continues to elevate business connections in the cosmetics industry, enrich consumer experiences, and forge enduring partnerships. The Italian Trade Agency collaborates with top producers and companies to cultivate opportunities in the UAE’s competitive market, enhancing the strong brand value of ‘Made in Italy’. From 2020 to 2023, Italian exports of perfumes and cosmetics to the UAE surged from EUR 128.5 million to over EUR 282.6 million. It was an honor to engage in this significant exchange today, and we are confident that the trade relationship between Italy and the UAE in the cosmetics sector will continue its upward trajectory.”

 Patrizia Necchi, Senior Key Account – Incoming Buyer Office, Cosmoprof Worldwide said: “For Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna it is fundamental to be part of Italian Beauty Event in Dubai. UAE represents a strategic market for beauty and personal care products, and therefore they are one of the key regions for the development of business opportunities for the international Cosmoprof community. We pay a strong attention on the most influential players from UAE, inviting them to be part of our incoming programs and initiatives on the show floor, in order to facilitate connections with our 250,000 attendees and over 3,000 exhibitors every year. The event in Dubai will reinforce the relationship with brands and distributors in the area, and we are looking forward to welcome all participants in Italy for the next edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna”.

 Fabio Franchina, Vice President of Cosmetica Italia, highlighted: “The UAE play a strategic role for Italian cosmetics exports. In 2023 they ranked in 8th place among the destinations of Italian exportations; considering only extra-EU destinations, they placed in second position, after the United States. These data clearly demonstrate the relevance of an event like Italian Beauty الجمّال Event: it was a unique opportunity to underline the high standards of quality, safety, innovation, and creativity – renowned worldwide – of the Italian cosmetics industry”. Since 1967, Cosmetica Italia is the voice of the Italian cosmetics industry and the related supply chain. It counts nearly 650 companies among its ranks – from multinationals to small/medium production and distribution companies, passing through packaging, raw materials, and machinery manufacturers, located throughout the Country.

 For over 50 years, Italy has hosted the cosmetic industry’s key annual event, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, a premier beauty event renowned for its unique trade fair concept, fostering business transactions and showcasing breakthrough product launches and innovative solutions.

 As the global cosmetics industry continues to evolve, Italy’s steadfast presence and reputation for quality are poised to further enrich the industry landscape of the region, reinforcing lasting partnerships and drawing in a growing consumer base with exceptional products.

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