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Investopia 2023 Annual Conference Hosts A Session About Dubai D33 – UAE Today Blog

Investopia 2023 Conference hosted as a session about “D33: A New Economy”, in which H.E Helal Al Marri, Director General, Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, talked about Dubai D33.

Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has unveiled its strategic vision for the next decade, known as D33. His Excellency,Helal Al Marri, Director-General of DTCM, outlined the vision, which considers various initiatives and strategies to create a clear path for the future.

Al Marri stressed the importance of forging partnerships between the public and private sectors in key areas, such as talent and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), as well as important sectors like finance, technology, and manufacturing. When asked about the significance of digital currencies in the strategy, Al Marri emphasized that crypto and digital currencies were just one of several new sectors Dubai was exploring. He added that web3.0 and blockchain technologies were having a significant impact on financial institutions, logistics, and other sectors.

Al Marri also addressed the impact of regulations, noting that suitable regulations can accelerate growth in industries. He highlighted that the recent regulation in February has given confidence in the regulatory framework.

During the conference, Al Marri also touched on the IPO pipeline for Dubai in 2023, stating that there has been a regional shift towards thinking about IPOs rather than strong pipelines. He emphasized the importance of getting governance in place to bring confidence to the market, as the UAE remains resilient to inflationary and recessionary pressures.

The strategic vision of D33 has been designed to create a clear roadmap for Dubai’s future growth and development. The focus on partnerships, key sectors, and suitable regulations, as well as the resilience of the UAE to economic pressures, bodes well for the future of Dubai’s economy.

Investopia conference 2023 focuses on the theme “Envisioning Opportunities in Times of Change” and three sub-themes: Envisioning Opportunities in Today’s Economy, The Future of the Wealth of Nations, and Growth Opportunities in Times of Decarbonization. The conference this year includes35sessions and roundtables, and brings together more than 2000 participants like investors, government officials, thought leaders and entrepreneurs, from more than 40 countries.

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