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International freedivers set 19 national records

International freedivers set 19 national records at the third event of Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup2023 in Dubai

Competition sees the UAE’s Mohamed Aljneibi achieve a new best distance in dynamic apnea without fins, Ahmed Almansoor a new best depth in constant weight with fins and Yasmin Baker a new best depth in free immersion

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1August 2023: The third stage of the Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup 2023 concluded as a resounding success, uniting a passionate community of freediving enthusiasts hailing from 12 countries around the world. The event, the third in a series of five, taking place thisyear,witnessed multiple record-breaking performances, with 19 new national records set, including 3 bestsfor the UAE.

Organised by Freediving UAE and authorised by both the International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA) in the UAE and Dubai Sports Council, the four-day event was held at some of Dubai’s top watersports venues: the Hamdan Sports Complex for the pool disciplines, and the world’s deepest pool, Deep Dive Dubai, for the depth disciplines.

The competition witnessed exceptional feats of athletic prowess across all the disciplines: static apnea, dynamic apnea with and without fins, constant weight with and without fins, and free immersion.The19national records were set by:

Commenting on the announcement, YuriyRakhmatullin, AIDA Master Instructor, PADI Freediving Instructor, Molchanovs Instructor, Apnea Academy Instructor, EFR Instructor, AIDA UAE Board Member, AIDA Judge B Level, and Owner of Freediving UAE, said: “Each stageof the Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup is a new exploration ofdiscipline and endurance of freedivers from around the world. The dedication and passion of the athletes are a testament to the captivating sport that is freediving, and we are proud to facilitate these events where they can showcase their incredible abilities.Many thanks to all the participants and our gratitude to the partners, judges, volunteers and spectators for making this event such a resounding success.”

This was the third eventthis year, withthe next two stages planned for October and December. Based on the results of each stage, participants earn points towards the ultimate prize of the Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup 2023 trophy, which will be awarded after the fifth and final event, alongside the recognition of the top three performing male and female athletes in each discipline.

For more information, visit @FreedivingUAE on social media channels, and / Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup.

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Freediving UAE is the leading school for freediving, nurturing and advancing the sport in the UAE. Under its community wing, Apnea Pirates, it fosters an inclusive environment for freedivers to train, competeand share their passion.

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