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Homeless World Cup Announces Streetball Soccer As Official Merchandise Partner – UAE Today Blog

UAE-based Streetball Soccer, a new impact fashion range has launched as the official merchandise partner for the Homeless World Cup.

Designed by renowned artist Juan de Lascurain Gossler, all profits made from sales of Streetball Soccer merchandise will go to the Homeless World Cup.

Many of the designs are inspired by the passion and energy of street soccer games played in favelas and shanty towns across the world. The range includes artistic t-shirts and hoodies, such as styles based on the DIY footballs commonly found in South America.

Juan de Lascurain Gossler, designer of the Streetball Soccer collection said, “I have always been inspired by the love of soccer throughout the world. It truly brings out every human emotion and can bring people from different cultures and beliefs together. Whether we call it soccer, football or fútbol, the game might go by different names but it unites us.”

In fact, an international survey by found that nine out of 10 people think soccer brings communities closer together.

What excites me even more is that every dollar will be going towards the 2023 Homeless World Cup, as official merchandise of the tournament in Sacramento. It is a fantastic organization that has helped millions recover from extreme poverty and homelessness through community soccer projects,” de Lascurain Gossler added.

Mel Young, Homeless World Cup co-founder and President said: “We were delighted to join forces with earlier this year and it’s great to now be welcoming Streetball Soccer as well to the Homeless World Cup family.

 “Everyone can’t help but be impressed at the unique Streetball Soccer style and designs, we are excited to see where our partnership can take us over the next three years, starting at the Sacramento 2023 Homeless World Cup.”

The launch of the Streetball range has been timed around the start of the 2023 Homeless World Cup, which is taking place in Sacramento between July 8 and July 15. Streetball Soccer is available to purchase globally through, or fans can purchase the merchandise at tournament outlets at the Hornet Stadium, Sacramento.

The fashion range is featured as the official merchandise of the Homeless World Cup, which is the largest global charity soccer event ever held in history. Up to 40 countries from around the world will be taking part, with international sponsors including

To explore the charitable Streetball Soccer range, visit

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