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Have A Tea-riffic International Tea Day And World Biscuit Day With M&S Food – UAE Today Blog

With International Tea Day (21st May) and World Biscuit Day (29th May) just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with copious amounts of your favourite tea and biscuits from the leading British retailer, Marks & Spencer, operated by Al-Futtaim Group.

Tea and biscuits are a quintessentially British ‘matcha’ made in heaven, best enjoyed over a catch up with friends or curled up in bed with your favourite movie. M&S are experts in producing the finest tea and biscuits for every palate, all made by trusted suppliers of tried and tested recipes.

Did you know a biscuit study conducted by British scientists in December 2022 found that oat biscuits are the best choice for tea dunkers? After a two-second dunk, the oat biscuit came out on top for its crunchy integrity with the longest dunk break point when compared to shortbread, digestive, and rich tea biscuits.*Put it to the test for yourself on your next tea break with the M&S Oat Crunch Biscuits.

Stock up your cupboards with crowd-pleasing classics including Digestives, now with a crisper and crunchier texture, Rich Tea Biscuits made with barley malt extract and Custard Creams with a velvety smooth vanilla flavoured cream.

The Scottish All Butter Shortbread Selection offers something for everyone including home-bake style toffee shortbread rounds, shortbread triangles and chocolate chunk shortbreads, all baked in the highlands to an exclusive M&S recipe.

For an extra indulgent teatime treat, try the Collection Chocolate Florentinescrafted in Somerset by fourth-generation family bakers. Choose from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, blond chocolate, and salted caramel options, all filled with rich caramel as well as flaked and whole almonds. Delicious!

Pair with your choice of Fairtrade tea. Best-selling Luxury Gold Teabags offer a full, yet naturally smooth and sweet flavour, sourced from the best tea gardens in the world and Pure Origin Kenyan Tea Bagsare filled with Kenyan tea blended by expert tea makers, for a smooth, bright, and refreshing cup of tea.

Our exceptional quality Earl GreyTeabags deliver a deliciously full and zesty flavour and the Matcha Green Tea Bags are filled with finely milled Japanese green matcha and traditional Chinese green tea leaves for a crisp, slightly smoky, and vibrant tea.

*Published in the British Medical Journal.

Stock your cupboards this International Tea Day and World Biscuit Day at

M&S Foodhalls or order online for convenient home delivery

via the M&S Food App.

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