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H.E. Mohammed Al Murr Welcomes The UAE Minister Of Culture And Youth To The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library – UAE Today Blog

H.E. Mohammad Ahmad Al Murr, Chairman of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library (MBRL) Foundation received H.E. Sheikh Salem bin Khalid Al Qassimi, UAE Minister of Culture and Youth, as he explored the Library’s services, various facilities, and learned about its groundbreaking experience in enriching the cultural landscape and igniting the passion for reading and knowledge among the new generations.

Aimed at examining ways of cooperation to promote the various components of the cultural sector, the visit touched upon the importance of integration between national institutions to support culture and preserve heritage and cultural history in the UAE, which is possible through the establishment of strong and distinct cultural institutions that reflect the national identity and contribute to achieving common goals in developing and promoting culture and heritage and preserving them for future generations. Moreover, the meeting highlighted the Ministry’s priorities over the coming years, including increasing support for the cultural scene in the UAE.

The two parties also discussed the role and importance of cooperation and coordination between various institutions in providing the public with more opportunities to access multiple knowledge resources across various fields, which contributes to enhancing cultural and educational awareness within the society. The visit also touched on the concerted efforts of the two parties through a set of common goals and plans to support the UAE’s‘National Strategy for the Cultural and Creative Industries’ and to promote the arts and literature sectors.

During the visit, H.E. Al Murr highlighted MBRL’s experience at the national and regional levels, as well as the major achievements the Libraryrealised within one year, becoming a community and cultural centre enriching the mind and soul, and contributing to building an educated and knowledgeable society leveraging the latest international library technology.

“Culture forms the basis of comprehensive and sustainable development, and its promotion requires the integration and concerted efforts of all national institutions to advance knowledge and culture and support the preservation of cultural heritage, the Arabic language and national identity. This can be achieved by organising various educational activities that enhance cultural awareness among members of society, in a way that promotes future prospects and supports the vision, strategy and aspirations of the UAE’s wise leadership to advance the cultural sector throughout the next fifty years.” said H.E. Al Murr

H.E. Sheikh Salem bin Khalid Al Qassimi, UAE Minister of Culture and Youth said: “It was a pleasure to visit Mohammed bin Rashid Library. This library is a valuable addition to the UAE’s cultural resources and illustrates how the authorities are promoting books and reading among communities.The library’s unique architecture makes itan iconic structure, a symbol of creativity. Housing the largest collection of digitisedbooks it illustrates how technology can be used as a tool to promote culture and be future ready.”

His Excellency added: “At the Ministry of Culture and Youth, we understand the importance of reading and the role of books in furthering the social and cultural development of a nation.

“Every year, we celebrate March as the National Reading Month and launch programmes and initiatives to encourage all sections of society to adopt reading as a daily habit. Offering a wide cross-section of books on various subjects and an impressive repertoire of Arabic books, Mohammed bin Rashid library is a key partner in our endeavour to promote reading and the love of books in the country. The library has the potential to become a leading hub for knowledge and reference material for students, youth and readers of all ages.” Added H.E.

H.E. Al Qassimi toured the Children’s Library, spanning 1,370 square feet, and explored its services and facilities, where he was briefed on its mission and strategy to support children’s needs with more than 25,000 titles, including stories, reference books, encyclopedias, early learning books, as well as its variety of collections for children of determination, including audiobooks, Braille books for the blind, and sensory books.

At the conclusion of the visit, H.E. Al Murr presented H.E. Al Qassismi with the ‘Eye Memory’ book by the creative photographer Isa ِEbrahim, while H.E. the Minister praised the Library’sleading role in supporting the cultural movement to promote knowledge among all members of society.

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