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GSMBid Auction Hall Co. and Kingdom of Gulf Land General Trading Signed Strategic Partnership

GSMBid Auction Hall Co. and Kingdom of Gulf Land General Trading Signed Strategic Partnership to Establish Distribution Branch in Baghdad

Dubai, UAE -August 18, 2023 – GSMBid Auction Hall Co., a revolutionary auction platform in the mobile industry, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Kingdom of Gulf Land General Trading in Baghdad, Iraq, to establish a distribution branch. This landmark collaboration represents a significant leap forward for both entities, aiming to expand their horizons and offer unparalleled auction and mobile industry services to the burgeoning Iraqi market.

Hamid Shah, CEO of GSMBid & Alhamzah Ahmed Jameel, CEO of Kingdom of Gulf Land General Trading

The agreement was formally sealed on Thursday, the 17th of August, 2023. Hamid Shah, the visionary CEO of GSMBid Auction Hall Co., and Alhamzah Ahmed Jameel, the esteemed CEO of Kingdom of Gulf Land General Trading, came together to sign the partnership and finalize this exciting endeavor.

Hamid Shah, the forward-thinking CEO of GSMBid, shared his insights, stating, “This strategic partnership is a realization of our unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence within the auction and mobile industry. We are thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge auction experience to Baghdad, offering consumers a distinctive and accessible pathway to premium tech products.”

Abdul Majid, the accomplished COO of GSMBid, added, “Our expansion into Baghdad signals a strategic move to tap into the burgeoning mobile market of Iraq. We firmly believe that our tech-infused solutions will redefine the auction experience, empowering consumers with informed choices.”

Alhamzah Ahmed Jameel, the enterprising CEO of Kingdom of Gulf Land General Trading, shared his excitement, saying, “This partnership is a significant stride forward for both companies and the mobile industry in Baghdad. We are eager to harness the innovative power of GSMBid’s platform to offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers and elevate the mobile industry landscape in Iraq.”

The company’s tech-driven ethos has disrupted the conventional mobile phone industry experience, introducing live and timed auctions for an array of products including mobile phones, accessories, and laptops. The strategic alliance between GSMBid and Kingdom of Gulf Land General Trading aspires to reshape the mobile industry landscape in Baghdad.

By offering unprecedented auction experiences and premium-quality products, this partnership aligns seamlessly with GSMBid’s overarching vision of becoming a transformative force in the auction and mobile industry through innovative, tech-driven approaches. In the immediate future, GSMBid is gearing up for expansion across the GCC region and beyond, with plans to establish branches in KSA, Turkey, and Egypt, further cementing their presence in diverse markets.

About GSMBid Auction Hall Co.:
GSMBid Auction Hall Co. is an avant-garde auction platform headquartered in Dubai, UAE. The company specializes in conducting live and timed auctions for a broad spectrum of products, including mobile phones, accessories, laptops, and system accessories. Renowned for its innovation and commitment to excellence, GSMBid has revolutionized the traditional mobile industry landscape by delivering a seamless and user-centric auction experience.

About Kingdom of Gulf Land General Trading:

Kingdom of Gulf Land General Trading stands as a multinational conglomerate encompassing an array of sectors and businesses, including legal advice, contracting, engineering, industrial and commercial trading, freight services, real estate, and hospitality. Established in 2009, the group’s ethos revolves around attaining economic growth while upholding unwavering ethical values and delivering exceptional services to both local and international clientele.

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