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There has been a persistent rise in gold prices over the past weeks, reaching a record high of USD 2,195 per ounce last week. While fluctuations in gold prices are a common occurrence in the market, a historic study of gold prices over the last few years showcases an upward trend.

This signals Gold’s unrivalled position as the smartest investment choice. Gold has been used as a reliable store of value for several centuries now. While investment options such as stocks, real estate & crypto currencies have gained relevance over the years, the consistent trend of long-term growth shown by gold, which is substantiated by historical data, makes it a reliable and tangible choice for investment.

Shamlal Ahamed, MD-International Operations, Malabar Gold & Diamonds commented, “The sudden surge in gold prices is further testament to value appreciating nature of the asset. With ease of access being one of gold’s most attractive features, anyone searching for a reliable store of value, be it a beginner or an experienced investor, need not think twice about investing in gold. Gold’s appeal is increased manifold by the fact that unlike other investment avenues where the capital requirement is high, one can buy gold even with modest amounts. Malabar Gold & Diamonds have begun the ‘Pay 10% Advance’ campaign, allowing customers to get a head start on their jewellery purchase plans before prices go up even further. Customers can block the gold rate by paying just 10% of their planned purchase value as an advance, allowing them to secure the best gold rate for their purchase regardless of any further price fluctuations. If the price increases, the customer pays only the blocked rate and if the price reduces on the day of purchase, they pay the lower rate. Furthermore, there are also ‘Jewellery Purchase Plans’ enabling customers to buy their gold jewellery in easy payments.”

Beyond its monetary value, gold’s dual usage as an adornment has also added to its enduring allure amongst the masses. The indispensable role of gold jewellery in many cultures across the globe, which continues to this day, speaks volumes about the trust that people place in the precious metal. Beyond its ornamental charm, gold embodies stability, reliability and long-term growth potentials, making it the smartest & simplest asset one can own.

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