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For The First Time Ever, An Avatar Powered By ChatGPT Participated In A Web3 Webinar – UAE Today Blog hosted a webinar on 23 February 2023, entitled – Web3 Investment Trends. There were 5 panelists, Sophia Shluger, Chana Kanzen, Roberto Croci, Hassan Awada and Charlie Regis. The sixth panelist was an avatar of Jamie Brett powered by ChatGPT!

According to Sharad Agarwal, the Chief Metaverse Officer of Cyber Gear and Founder of, “We created history last evening. This is the first time that an avatar powered by ChatGPT participated in a live Web3 webinar. AI and Web3 combined are an explosive combo. People can now create their digital twins that look like them, talk like them, yet they are not in the room!

ChatGPT is currently powered by some 175 billion data parameters and the next version is likely to be powered by over 100 trillion parameters. The future is exciting and at the same time somewhat scary!”

This experience was jointly created by MetaHub and Cyber Gear. Jamie Brett, Founder of MetaHub was excited about the prospects of AI tech in improving the quality of our lives. He stated, “We’re always trying to push the phygital boundaries. Stay tuned for more to follow.”

The on-demand webinar can be viewed on YouTube at

The Podcast can be heard on Spotify at

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