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Fever Announces UAE Expansion With Impending March Launch In Abu Dhabi – UAE Today Blog

Fever, the leading global live-entertainment discovery platform, today announces its expansion into Abu Dhabi. The company has witnessed rapid growth since 2014 and boasts an international presence in over 100 cities, including Dubai. This latest growth milestone complements Fever’s ambition to meet the Middle East’s increasing demand for leisure-related activities as the region’s media and entertainment industry is projected to grow by 7.4% through 2028.

Next month on March 10th, Fever will debut in Abu Dhabi at the Theatre at the Cultural Foundation with Fireman Sam Live! Saves the Circus 2023. This stage adaptation of the popular British children’s TV series, which two former firemen developed, received rave reviews after a highly successful UK performance. The hour-long show will run five times through March 12th before resuming its world tour across 60 cities. Fever will subsequently continue unveiling additional expansion plans in the UAE’s capital.

Since entering Dubai’s market last year, Fever has noted the UAE’s immense and growing interest in leisure and entertainment. The company’s “Candlelight Concert Series” has significantly contributed to this success, becoming increasingly sought after in the emirate and boasting an attendance of more than five million guests worldwide since 2019. Fever’s forthcoming expansion into Abu Dhabi aims to build off of its momentum in Dubai to have it resemble its success in the United States, a market that currently accounts for 50% of its global presence.

Several successful experiences Fever has launched in the US and Europe are set to be soon introduced in Abu Dhabi. This will support the diversification efforts of the capital, and the country, as they pursue becoming leading global hubs for media and entertainment; in 2021, it was announced that a whopping $6 billion would be injected into Abu Dhabi’s entertainment sector through 2026 to help realize this vision. Fever has already partnered with a plethora of local content creators, IP holders, venues, and sponsors and continues to do so with Abu Dhabi pinpointed as a key market.

Rachid Laurent Elameri, General Manager of Fever Middle East, commented: “The UAE is a global hub for business, tech and entertainment in the Middle East, and Abu Dhabi, in particular, is a popular and diverse emirate known for its thriving arts and culture sectors. With the UAE being one of the leading countries in the Middle East, further establishing our presence in the country will assist us in introducing Fever and its mission of democratizing culture and entertainment to the region as we continue to expand throughout the GCC. Dubai has warmly welcomed Fever’s events into its city, and we have seen large numbers in attendance, from our Candlelight concerts to art exhibits and pop-up experiences. Starting with Fireman Sam, we are hopeful and confident to see a similar reception in Abu Dhabi especially knowing how much it has to offer in the arts, culture and entertainment sectors.”

After raising $227m in a funding round that was led by Goldman Sachs and reaching unicorn status with a billion-dollar valuation, Fever has been reinforcing its stature as the go-to app for the general public to discover the best entertainment offerings around them. The company recently announced another $100m in funding that was also led by Goldman Sachs and it is now looking to further develop its proprietary technology as it grows its presence in the UAE and throughout the Middle East. Tickets for Fireman Sam are now available on Fever’s website and its Candlelight, Murder Mystery, and Authentic Flamenco experiences are confirmed to be launching in the UAE’s capital in the near future.

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