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Female Network Platform, Wild (Women In Leadership Deliver) Opens Membership For Women Across The GCC – UAE Today Blog

Female networking platform WILD, opens the door to its unique membership the WILD Women Collective (WWC), designed to bring women across the region together to learn mastery and excellence in creating balanced success.

WILD’s mission is to empower and support women in the Middle East to rise as leaders in the quest for gender equality. With the membership, every woman is guided through the WILD movement, the valuable principles to creating WILD success, fulfilment, and meaning, via four key pillars including leadership, wellness, self-leadership, and power skills.

WILD Women Collective (WWC) is the ONLY women’s network to connect women across borders. Created for the corporate woman, the unique membership is about creating a close-knit community and nurturing personal growth. From meditating for results, presenting with impact, managing conflict, and setting boundaries, to taking care of health and well-being, the collective aims to support and skill-up participants in an array of disciplines. Benefits include monthly themes for areas of growth, live coaching, practical application, VIP meetups, networking across borders and more. Founding members phase rate is AED333 monthly or AED 3,333 per year till the 6th of June 2023.

WILD is a movement geared towards gender equality, transforming corporations and individuals through female networks, transformational private 1.1 coaching, group masterminds, and live events. For more information on WILD, please visit

For more information, or to become a member, visit

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