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Exotic Beverage Brand RUBICON Expands In The UAE – UAE Today Blog

Rubicon Exotic, the Internationally renowned beverage company, is expanding its presence in the UAE just in time for the summer season. The brand’s exotic range of flavorful juices and beverages will now be available at Zoom Supermarkets, Emarat, and ENOC gas stations throughout the region.

From its very first drink, ‘Passionade,’ to its extensive product range that includes sparkling, no added sugar, organic coconut water, kids’ options, classic flavors, spring water and exotic blends, Rubicon Exotic is dedicated to offering a wide range of special products to cater to the unique preferences of its customers. The brand’s juices are enjoyed on their own and also widely used as ingredients in cocktails, mocktails, and desserts.

Rubicon Exotic has been a leading international beverage company for over four decades, known for its use of the finest, authentic ingredients and its superior quality. Its juice drinks are now enjoyed in over 30 countries worldwide, and the brand promises to showcase delicious exotic fruits from around the world through its products.

UAE residents can find Rubicon Exotic products at various retail stores, including Spinneys, Waitrose, Carrefour, Lulu, Zoom, Geant, Choithrams, Abu Dhabi Coop, Sharjah Coop, Al Maya, and Aswaaq. The brand’s products are also available online at Lulu online, Carrefour, Amazon,, Noon, Instashop, Spinneys , Talabat and Mumzworld.

Rubicon Exotic’s flavorful and healthy options are an excellent way to reduce dehydration and boost energy in the body. The brand’s expansion in the UAE demonstrates its commitment to providing customers with convenient access to its delicious products, and it looks forward to continuing to delight consumers with its exotic flavors.

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