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Empowering Women Leaders: IWBD Women in the Boardroom Summit 2024

Empowering Women Leaders: IWBD Women in the Boardroom Summit 2024

International Women Board of Directors (IWBD) presents: Women in the Boardroom Summit – January 16, 2024, at Rixos the Premium, JBR, Dubai, UAE

Taking a giant step towards reshaping the corporate landscape in the region, the International Women Board of Directors (IWBD) will unveil the Women in the Boardroom Summit, on January 16, 2024, in the vibrant city of Dubai. This groundbreaking event is set to gather influential business executives and management professionals committed to the cause of fostering women leaders, championing responsible business practices, and breaking the glass ceiling by propelling women in boardrooms.

Poonam Chawla, Managing Director of IWBD, points out, “IWBD is devoted to cultivating exceptional female leaders and driving gender diversity throughout the Middle East.”

As a testament to IWBD’s commitment to empowering women leaders, rigorous training programs since 2021 have propelled women into influential positions on corporate boards.

The Women in Boardroom Summit transcends the conventional event space; it serves as a dynamic platform for igniting change, fostering innovation, and building a community devoted to inclusive leadership and the advancement of women leaders in boardrooms. Nandan Mer , Group CEO, Network says “Diversity is more than just a numbers game in today’s corporate world; a gender-balanced leadership empowers organizations to win critical boardroom battles and create a powerful and sustainable crescendo of success. A genuinely inclusive culture starting from and championed by the board fosters well-rounded decision-making, robust governance, and inspired performance; it brings variety to viewpoints and skills, enabling more potent assessment, navigation and resolution of challenging issues. More importantly, it sends a strong message that all voices within the organization are heard — and that every individual matters.”

The January 16 event will showcase a stellar lineup of speakers — all responding to the urgent call for diversity in leadership, going beyond mere rhetoric and establishing inclusivity as a cornerstone of organizational triumph:

Raghu Malhotra, Co-President Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East Africa, and South America

Nandan Mer, Group Chief Executive Officer, Network Group

Sanaa Ouahmane, CEO Al Rostamani Group

Hanan Eissa, Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations, Atlantis Dubai

Banali Malhotra, Advisor Marketing and Strategy , Network International

Mervat Sultan, FRAeS, President, Women in Aviation – Middle East

Ebru Tuygun , Chairwomen IWBD

Pioneering Partnerships:

A special shoutout goes to our esteemed partners — all visionaries in fostering change and driving progress.“At Rixos, we believe in the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion. By championing women in leadership, we don’t just promote equality; we unlock innovation and excellence. Our partnership with the International Women Board of Directors signifies our commitment to breaking traditional barriers, fostering an inclusive culture, and shaping a brighter future where every voice is heard and every talent is recognized. Together, we’re not just changing the narrative; we’re rewriting the success story of tomorrow.” – Ali Ozbay, Director of Marketing & Communications ME, EU & CA, Rixos Hotels GCC

Rixos Hotels GCC

Stanton Chase

European Women Association


SP Jain College

Women in Aviation

Bee Premium

The Boardroom Summit promises an immersive experience for attendees, who can connect with like-minded executives, glean insights from esteemed thought leaders, and actively engage in practical workshops focused on success, innovation, and positive organizational change.

Additionally, Wassim Karkabi, Managing Partner and Board Director at Stanton Chase, will helm a transformative master class on “How to Build Your Board Director’s Brand”.

To secure your invite to this certified workshop, email

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and reshape the future. Join IWBD on January 16th, 2024, in Dubai.

About International Women Board of Directors 

The International Women Board of Directors is a social enterprise FOUNDED IN 2021. IWBD is dedicated to bridging the gender gap and promoting female representation at the C-level and on corporate boards while fostering an inclusive network that exchanges skills and expertise. IWBD provides rigorous training programs to empower women to become high-level corporate leaders who treat all individuals fairly and promote education, training, and professional development for women across all government and private sectors.

IWBD Forum offers expert insights, specialist content, and opportunities to build relationships with women from different industries, facilitating genuine cross-sector collaboration. We provide women with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to accelerate them into senior leadership roles. To know please reach out –

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