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Emirati Couples Icons: Pioneering the Next Generation of Emirati Married Couples

Emirati Couples Icons: Pioneering the Next Generation of Emirati Married Couples

Magnitude Digital has partnered with theinfluencer couple to manage their content, and operations

UAE, August11, 2023: Emirati couple Abdulrazzaq AlKhajah, popularly known as Abdokhj, and his wife Zainab AlSawalhi have gained prominence as exceptional influencers, captivating audiences with their entertaining and comedic content. Numerous Emirati and Arab couples relate to their content due to their unique approach of highlighting various aspects of Emirati and Arab married life. Recognising their significant impact, Magnitude Digital has partnered with this power couple to manage theircontentand operations.

Abdulrazzaq and Zainab break down social barriers and empower individuals in their relationships, offering a fresh and insightful perspective on the dynamics of Emirati and Arab couples through their captivating content. Their humor and relatability help their audience come together, fostering understanding and acceptance, while promoting diversity within the UAE’s cultural scene.

The couple’s content strikes a chord with individuals, particularly young married couples, who encounter daily challenges similar to those highlighted in their work. This relatability has contributed to a significant increase in their following, with engagement rates that surpass the norm, even exceeding 100 per cent. Their blend of Arabic (Emirati) and English content represents the variety of languages that many couples speak. Moreover, their content serves as a gateway to Emirati couple culture for expats residing in the UAE and individuals worldwide.

Commenting on their social media content, Abdulrazzaq and Zainab said: “We capture moments from our daily lives, offering our followers a window into our real-world experiences beyond the realm of social media. Through our sincere and candid approach, we have been able to form a strong bond with our audience, who view us as authentic and relatable influencers. Through our content, we want to motivate individuals to pursue their dreams, embrace their authenticity, and create a beneficial influence on society.”

Alongside their comedic side, Abdulrazzaq and Zainabhave gained recognition for their genuineness. “We reveal our true self to our online community, sharing personal anecdotes, challenges, and accomplishments to reassure others that they are not alone and that we all share the same human experience,” they added.

Magnitude Digital, known for its successful partnerships with influential personalities such as Abdulrazzaq AlKhajah and Zainab AlSawalhi, leverages its expertise to ensure that brands align with the best-suited influencers, enabling messages to reach the masses through their favourite voices.


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