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Emirates Draw Joins Hands With The Emirates Society For Consumer Protection – UAE Today Blog

Under the “Our Responsibility to Protect” initiative, led by the Emirates Society for Consumer Protection and supported by its official sponsor Emirates Draw, the UAE proudly claims another Guinness World Record to exemplify the society’s commitment to transparent and fair consumer dealings.

This significant announcement was made during a press conference yesterday held at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce. Esteemed dignitaries and representatives, including officials from various Ministries, the police, and other government sectors were in attendance. The event also attracted a diverse media presence, spanning local, regional, and global outlets. His Excellency Mohammed Khalifa Al Muhairi, Chairman of the Emirates Society for Consumer Protection, was present, as were officials from the Guinness World Records. They authenticated the initiative, emphasizing its distinction as the world’s largest billboard focused on raising awareness about Consumer Fraud and Intellectual Property protection.

The towering billboard, standing at an impressive 10 meters tall and stretching an astonishing 100 meters in length, now graces the vibrant crossroads of Dubai and Sharjah; prominently showcasing 100 local and global brands, reflecting widespread support for the “Our Responsibility to Protect” initiative and its significant goals.

Reflecting on this monumental occasion, H.E. Mohammed Khalifa Al Muhairi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Society for Consumer Protection, said: “From our public announcement on March 1, 2023, we have worked relentlessly, and the billboard symbolizes our unwavering commitment. The message is clear: The UAE has a strong customer protection framework. We are determined to combat fraud, protect intellectual property, and ensure the safety and rights of every consumer in the UAE.”

From his side, Paul Chader, Head of Marketing at Emirates Draw, drew a parallel between the Billboard and Emirates Draw’s MEGA7 game – renowned for having the largest Grand Prize across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. “Guided by our visionary leadership, we continually aim for excellence. It is an honor to both support and be a part of such a landmark achievement. The magnitude of this billboard, and more importantly, its significant message of transparency, mirrors our values. We remain committed to adhering to global standards in our daily operations, ensuring our consumers consistently receive the best experience,” he stated.

Strategically located on Al Ittihad Street, the record-breaking artwork serves as a testament to the shared vision of both the Emirates Society for Consumer Protection and Emirates Draw. Its grandeur is certainly captivating, but more so by its underlying message. It symbolizes the confluence of trust between consumers and merchants, thus preventing instances of fraud and trademark infringements.

The Guinness World Records acknowledged the billboard’s pivotal role in promoting an essential societal message, reinforcing the UAE’s leadership in championing consumer rights, and raising awareness in accordance with the highest global standards.

Beyond its visual appeal, the billboard stands as a symbol of hope, responsibility, and protection, reflecting the united spirit of the UAE community and its pursuit “For a Better Tomorrow” as best exemplified by Emirates Draw’s slogan to bring positive transformation to individuals and society at large.

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