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Dugasta Properties waives 4% DLD registration fee for property purchase during Ramadan

Dugasta Properties waives 4% DLD registration fee for property purchase during Ramadan

The Ramadan month offer builds upon the previously announced 10 percent guaranteed Return on Investment (RoI) scheme on Al Haseen Residences

Date: Dubai, UAE; March 15, 2024

Dugasta Properties, a new boutique real estate developer based in Dubai, today announces the waiver of the 4 percent property registration fees levied by Dubai Land Department (DLD) on property purchases during the holy month of Ramadan.

The latest Ramadan offer, coupled with the previous offer of 10 percent annual return on investment, creates a unique value proposition that makes property acquisition more rewarding than before.

“We encourage more and more UAE residents and foreign buyers to buy home and benefit from a 10 percent rental guarantee that ensures the payback of the entire investment amount in 10 years – something that makes homes more lucrative than before,” Tauseef Khan, Founder and Chairman of Dugasta Properties, said.

“By choosing a Dugasta property this Ramadan, buyers will enjoy a direct 4 percent discount on the property value in the form of the 4 percent DLD fee waiver. This unprecedented waiver empowers buyers to save significantly on transaction fees, making the dream of owning a Dugasta property even more attainable.”

Dugasta’s exclusive offer at Al Haseen Residences and Moonsa Residences brings a host of benefits to savvy investors. Enjoy a guaranteed 10 percent annual return up to 10 years, service charge exemption up to 10 years, and the security of a 100 percent buyback option after five years. Investors should seize this opportune moment to invest in Al Haseen Residences and Moonsa Residences and secure up to a decade of unparalleled advantages that redefine the standard of property ownership.

Dugasta Properties is committed to transforming the market with a customer-centric approach. Founded by Tauseef Khan, a business leader with over three decades of experience in property management and development in the UAE, Dugasta is on a mission to fill a crucial gap in the real estate market – providing mid-market and affordable homes of the highest quality.

“At Dugasta, we believe in redefining the real estate experience. Our exclusive Ramadan offers and commitment to customer satisfaction are a testament to our dedication to providing unparalleled value and service in the market,” Tauseef Khan says.

Dugasta Properties is pioneering a unique business approach, tailoring each development to align with customer interests. Whether through diverse investment options or flexible payment plans, Dugasta Properties offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to the diverse needs of property buyers.


About Dugasta Properties

Dugasta Properties Development is a Dubai-based promising real estate developer that is set to change the real estate market with its customer-centric approach. Founded by Mr. Tauseef Khan, a business leader who champions sustainable development, carries more than three decades of professional property management services and property development legacy in the UAE.

Dugasta is working towards providing its clients with high-quality and value-for-money projects and hence is entering the market with confidence to fill an important gap in the real estate market – mid-market and affordable homes!

The company’s unique approach to business involves centring each development’s appeal on customer interests. Whether this means a plethora of investment options or easy payment plans, Dugasta Properties has a wide collection of services to offer for property buyers.

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