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du and Huawei forge strategic partnership to pioneer technological innovation at DTW23 – Ignite

du and Huawei forge strategic partnership to pioneer technological innovation at DTW23 – Ignite

Collaboration to explore and implement innovative ICT solutions, aiming to positively impact the lives of UAE residents through technological advancements.

Dubai, UAE, September 20, 2023: du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has partnered with Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, to explore new areas of innovation for the UAE market. The agreement was signed at DTW23 – Ignite in Copenhagen, aiming to identify possibilities where technological innovations can positively impact the lives of residents in the country, and work on implementation of these services.

Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO of du, said: “As a leading digital telco, we are committed to seeking out opportunities that will genuinely transform the lives of individuals in the UAE. By joining forces with Huawei, we are poised to unlock remarkable advancements that will enrich the lives of UAE residents through the transformative power of technology. This strategic partnership signifies our dedication to pioneering innovation and serving as a catalyst for positive change.”

Through this partnership, du and Huawei seek to introduce new, cutting-edge solutions to the UAE, making a difference to the way people live, work, and do business. The two companies will continue to work in close collaboration to bring the best of innovation to the UAE market.

Maurice Ma, President of Huawei Software Business, said: “Technology holds the key to significantly elevating the quality of life for individuals worldwide. Our collaboration with du stands as a testament to our belief in the power of partnership and collaboration as catalysts for driving positive transformation. Together, we are poised to unleash a wave of unprecedented innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and reshaping the future for the betterment of society.”

du and Huawei have successfully collaborated on multiple projects, including cutting-edge mobile services, cloud computing, and other ICT solutions that have accelerated digital transformation in the UAE. The two companies now aim to leverage their expertise and resources to deliver innovative solutions in areas such as finance and business.


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Operating under the steadfast umbrella of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), du is an integral driver of the UAE’s economic, social and digital transformation. Thriving on digitally innovating all facets of the contemporary telecom experience, we touch the lives of millions of customers everyday as a dedicated enabler of connectivity, continuity and growth across consumer and enterprise segments. Whether delivering state-of-the-art Smart City infrastructure, bespoke enterprise ICT solutions, government communications, secure data solutions, or the very best in home entertainment and value, we are a reliable telco and ICT player shaping the future of communication for a more connected tomorrow.

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