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Dr. Sahar Hashmi, an Invited Speaker at HIMSS on AI Innovations in Healthcare

Dr. Sahar Hashmi, an Invited Speaker at HIMSS on AI Innovations in Healthcare

Dr. Sahar Hashmi was an invited speaker at the HIMSS New England annual conference in Massachusetts, USA. It was an engaging and intellectually enriching panel discussion with the panel speakers on “AI Innovations in Healthcare: Transformative Applications and Future Directions.”

The AI expert panel explored a range of topics, debunking myths and examining the potential digital transformative power of generative AI applications in healthcare.

Key discussion points included:

  • Debunking the common myth: “Will AI replace physicians and staff in hospitals/clinics?”
  • Exploring use cases of LLM models in healthcare and the stakeholder alignment challenges
  • Evaluating AI solutions in EMR systems: the challenges and benefits
  • Discussing the development of trust and liability with generative AI applications among healthcare stakeholders
  • Emphasizing the importance of keeping humans in the loop when designing AI solutions, rather than relying solely on GenAI applications
  • Introducing the concept of a Digital Companion/Co-worker/Assistant, giving AI a person-like presence, similar to Mustafa Suleyman’s vision in his TED talk at Microsoft of having ‘our own assigned digital species/assistants to help us lead better, more informed lives’
  • Discussing how AI technologies are reshaping job roles and workforce dynamics, inspired by insights from Ethan Mollick’s book “Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI”
  • Addressing cost as a major hindrance factor in choosing between an established LLM AI solution or opting for a cost-effective RAG with customized developed GPTs

About the HIMSS Speaker:

Dr. Sahar Hashmi, MD-PhD, is the CEO of Myriad Consulting LLC and has served as a Harvard faculty member. Dr. Sahar Hashmi, an AI expert advisor, conducts customized AI workshops for executives and business entities, encompassing hospitals and clinics that are keen on adopting AI solutions. Throughout the implementation journey, she offers guidance, sharing her expertise and support to facilitate the seamless integration of AI technologies into their operations.

CEO of Myriad Consulting LLCDr. Sahar HashmiHIMSS on AI Innovations in Healthcare

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