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Do You Speak GPT? – UAE Today Blog

Just four months back not many people had heard about GPT. Now everyone on the planet is expected to know GPT and even speak ‘GPT’! is hosting a webinar – AI And Web3: A Perfect Match?on 25 April 2023 at 9 am ET, 2 pm UK and 5 pm UAE.

According to Sharad Agarwal, Founder of, “These days most conversations are centred around Artificial Intelligence and its potential to transform how we interact with data and do business online. The convergence of AI and blockchain technology is opening up new possibilities. Experts predict AI will play a fundamental role in the evolution of AI-based Web3 technologies.”


Dr. Christina Yan Zhang

Joti Balani

Lena Grundhoefer

Dr. Jacques Ludik

Francesca Tabor


Sharad Agarwal

Link to register for this free-to-attend webinar is at:

About ONLY webinars was launched by Cyber Gear in 2020 to assist organisations to design, host, and promote webinars online.

Webinars have become the best way to reach and engage an audience. Over 60% of B2B Marketers are already using webinars as part of a lead nurture campaign. More than 75% of digital marketers believe that webinars are the most effective or among the top content marketing strategies available.

Webinars are ideal for boosting brand awareness and legitimacy, turning prospects into customers, and increasing revenue. Most businesses have turned to online platforms to communicate effectively with their stakeholders. All touchpoints of communication are becoming contact less and webinars offer a great way to promote products and services online.

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