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DGW Organizes Workshops In Collaboration With Heriot-Watt University In Line With UAE Innovation Month 2023 – UAE Today Blog

In partnership with Heriot-Watt University,Dubai Government Workshop (DGW) organized recently a set of workshops, with an aim to promote the culture of innovation among students. The initiative forms part of DGW’s activities in connection with this year’s UAE Innovation Month themed‘UAE Innovates,’ which runs from February 1to 28.

The first workshop focused on hybrid, electric and autonomous self-driving vehicles and featured a demonstration of an electric vehicle developed by students at Heriot Watt University. Meanwhile, the second workshop discussed on additive manufacturing such as  3D printing and applications -specifically its application in the maintenance of vehicles – as well as a demonstration on how to digitize the manufacturing of vehicle parts and tools.

Fahad Ahmed Al Raeesi, Executive Director of DGW, said: “We are delighted to organize these workshops in partnership with the prestigious Heriot-Watt University. The significance of this initiative is that it coincides with this year’s UAE Innovation Month that promotes innovation within our local community. DGW remains committed to consolidating this culture through all our projects and across all operational areas. We are also keen to hold more knowledge initiatives in collaboration with our partners to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise and share them with students to help develop their professional skills.”

Dr. Fadi Ghaith, Head of the school of Engineering and Physical sciences at Heriot Watt University, said: “Heriot-Watt University is delighted to organize the workshops in collaboration with DGW in line with our efforts to share knowledge and practical experience among the external community as part of our commitment to support our industrial partners and share with them the most recent up to date technology and trends in the field of engineering, automation and sustainability. It will help hone their technical team practical skills and enhance their competitiveness and leadership in the market. We look forward to organizing more such initiatives to strengthen the innovative and creative culture among our students and DGW staff.”

DGW collaborates with Heriot-Watt University in the fields of academic education and practical training for students. The University is considered one of the leading institutions for higher education, which offers distinctive educational programs across various specializations.

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