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‘Dar Al Takaful’ Changes its Name to ‘Watania International Holding’

Effective today on  27 July 2023

‘Dar Al Takaful’Changes its Name to ‘Watania International Holding’

And its DFMTrading Symbol to [WATANIA]

Dubai, UAE, 27 July 2023– Dar Al Takaful PJSC (‘DAT’, the ‘Company’ or the ‘Group’),announced today that the name of its listed company has changed to Watania International Holding PJSC and its trading symbol on the Dubai Financial Markethas changed to [WATANIA].

The last trading date for the current name of the Company ‘Dar Al Takaful PJSC’ and its DFM trading symbol[DARTAKAFUL] was on the 26th of July 2023.

These changes took effect when the Dubai stock market opened today on 27 July 2023:

Company Name
Dar Al Takaful PJSCWatania International Holding PJSC
DFM Trading Symbol

No action is required by the Company’s current shareholders as a result of this change.

Additionally, the Company name and trading symbol changes will have no impact on its business strategy and objectives.

The change of the Company name and its trading symbolon the DFM follows the shareholders’ approval of the Company’s name change in March 2023 and subsequent completion of all regulatory requirements. It reflects the new corporate identity launched earlier this year following a strategic brand architecture review undertaken post the merger between Dar Al Takaful and the National Takaful Company in July 2022, which aimed to bring all business lines under the Watania moniker.

Dr. Ali Saeed Bin HarmalAldhaheri, Chairman, Watania International Holding (WIH) said:

“The change comes one year after our strategic merger and promotes name and brand recognition by the investor community as well as overall market participants. The listed entity, WIH, is an investment holding company focused on strengthening the Takaful industry by establishing a sustainable Takaful ecosystem comprising of an interrelated growth-oriented portfolio of businesses that create value for our shareholders and all our stakeholders.”

For more information, shareholders, investors and other interested parties are requested to view previous Company notifications and announcements available at and on the DFM.


About Watania International Holding (WIH) 

Watania International Holding PJSC is a listed entity on the DFM with share capital of AED 260 million. The company was formed following the consolidation of key Takaful operators including the acquisition in 2020 by Dar Al Takaful of Noor Takaful and the merger in July 2022 of Dar Al Takaful with National Takaful Company (Watania).

Watania International Holding PJSC, an investment holding company, changed its name in March 2023 from Dar Al Takaful PJSC.In July 2023 its DFM trading symbol changed to [WATANIA] from [DARALTAKAFUL] following completion of regulatory conditions precedent.  The Company’s head office is located at The Galleries 2 in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Watania International Holding is the sole shareholder of two operating companies: Watania Takaful General (previously Noor Takaful General PJSC) and Watania Takaful Family (previously Noor Takaful Family PJSC). The two operating companies offer a full range of Takaful products including motor, general, technical, medical, and family to both individuals and companies in the UAE. The two companies are leading Takaful providers in the UAE operating full-services offices located in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Deira and Jebel Ali in Dubai.

For more information, please call 800-WATANIA ((9282642) or visit:

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