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Core42 and AIREV Announce Launch of On Demand AI Operating System

Collaboration redefines AI accessibility through a decentralized approach that enables seamless integration for enterprises and AI developers.

DUBAI – JULY 11, 2024 – Core42, a G42 Company and leading provider of sovereign cloud, AI infrastructure and services, and AIREV today announced the launch of the OnDemand AI Operating System (AIOS). The collaboration marks a major milestone in the regional AI landscape and is the first significant joint effort since their partnership announcement in February this year.

OnDemand, developed by AIREV and built on Core42’s foundational infrastructure, is a decentralized AI operating system designed to facilitate seamless AI deployment. It offers developers, engineers, enterprises, and startups a robust platform to build, deploy, and manage their AI applications with ease.

Key features of OnDemand include its ability to facilitate AI model deployment directly from sources like Hugging Face, supporting both open-source and closed-source models. OnDemand also allows users to deploy their own models, offering flexibility and customization. With its Plugins and Marketplace ecosystem, OnDemand offers a marketplace where developers can create, deploy, and sell plugins and agents, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of AI tools. Enterprises can also export these plugins and integrate them into their own platforms. For complex API integrations, OnDemand supports multi-step Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). Furthermore, the platform offers a low-code solution, making AI development accessible even after small API integrations, while verified system integrators available on the platform assist in building out use cases and providing additional support when required.

“We are excited to see the incredible potential of the OnDemand AIOS realized through this collaboration. Our advanced infrastructure will empower developers and enterprises to harness the full power of AI,” said Muhammed Khalid, CEO of AIREV.

Core42’s foundational infrastructure ensures the reliability and scalability of OnDemand. The company’s state-of-the-art AI compute power utilizes high-performance GPUs to handle intensive AI training and inference tasks. Enterprises and developers will also benefit from a diverse library of predefined models, including JAIS, the world’s most performant Arabic Large Language Model, Azure OpenAI GPT-4 Family, and numerous other models available for enterprises and developers. Core42 further empowers OnDemand users by integrating with Cerebras to ensure cutting-edge AI training capacity on the existing Condor Galaxy clusters, enhancing optionality for customers globally.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with AIREV in launching the OnDemand AI Operating System. This groundbreaking platform exemplifies our commitment to driving AI innovation and empowering businesses across the Middle East and beyond. By leveraging Core42’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are enabling developers and enterprises to unlock unprecedented capabilities and accelerate their journey towards a smarter, AI-driven future,” said Talal Alkaissi, Chief Partnerships & Government Affairs Officer, Core42.

OnDemand’s powerful combination of cutting-edge infrastructure and innovative AI solutions is set to revolutionize the way AI applications are developed and deployed, both regionally and globally. While the partnership focuses on the Middle East, the decentralized nature of OnDemand ensures that AI applications can be deployed and managed anywhere in the world, supporting international AI innovation and collaboration. The platform also aligns with the UAE’s National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031, lowering barriers to AI development and providing a platform for developers and enterprises to create AI-driven solutions across various industries. Additionally, by enabling rapid AI deployment, OnDemand supports economic growth by empowering businesses across the region enhance their operations and drive economic development.

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About Core42

Core42, a G42 company, empowers individuals, enterprises, and nations to unlock the full potential of AI through its comprehensive enablement capabilities. As a leading provider of sovereign cloud, AI infrastructure, and services, our mission is to accelerate the achievements of others and help them reach their most ambitious goals.

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About JAIS

The JAIS model, developed by G42’s Inception in collaboration with the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) and Cerebras Systems, is a bilingual large language model that supports both Arabic and English. JAIS 30B v3, the latest iteration, features 30 billion parameters and has been trained on a dataset comprising 1.6 trillion tokens. This model demonstrates superior performance in various tasks, including summarization, comprehension, and text generation, making it a valuable tool for enterprises targeting Arabic-speaking audiences​. JAIS is available for download on Hugging Face or in a Model-as-a-Service offering on Microsoft Azure​​.

For further information, visit Core42 – JAIS

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