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Champion Cleaners UAE, Strives To Become The Cleanest Dry-Cleaning Company In The Region – UAE Today Blog

Champion Cleaners, the leading cleaning and laundry service provider in the UAE, continues its commitment to ecological and sustainable practices, striving to become the cleanest dry-cleaning company in the region. As a key player in an industry that heavily relies on water and electricity, Champion Cleaners has made it their ongoing mission to find reliable and effective ways to comprehensively reduce consumption.

Through the integration of personalized building management systems, the company has achieved a remarkable 10% reduction in electricity consumption. Additionally, Champion Cleaners actively utilizes 100% of the steam generated to produce heat in their central plant operation, resulting in an additional 10% reduction in electricity usage. Altogether, these measures have led to a substantial 20% decrease in overall electricity consumption. Furthermore, the adoption of Alliance wet cleaning technologies has resulted in an impressive 50% reduction in water consumption.

All the detergents, additives, and bag & shoe restoration products used by Champion Cleaners are carefully chosen and approved by local authorities, ensuring they are the most sustainable cleaning options available. The company has also enhanced its I-Genius Technology, employing ozone-safe technology to sanitize and deodorize all kids’ accessories. This innovation significantly reduces the transmission of harmful chemicals into the environment.

In addition to reducing consumption, Champion Cleaners has made extraordinary efforts to reuse and recycle packaging materials throughout its services. Their headquarters boasts an impressive 90% recycling rate for all plastic and paper used, while a similar rate is achieved for hangers used in dry cleaning. By adopting these practices, Champion Cleaners is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint.

Champion Cleaners remains committed to ongoing research and development of ecologically conscious procedures, aiming to keep consumption low and eco-friendly efforts high. With 17 strategically located outlets across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, customers can conveniently access premium dry cleaning and laundry services. The company also offers free pick-up and delivery, along with online ordering options via their applications.

Recognized for their commitment to green business, Champion Cleaners receives over 1.3 million garments annually and specializes in the cleaning and restoration of high-end designer brands of leather goods and accessories. Their exclusive leather care products are carefully selected and approved by local authorities, ensuring the most eco-friendly cleaning options are employed.

The innovative cleaning solutions used by Champion Cleaners eliminate dust, mites, and other microorganisms that multiply in breeding when not cleaned over a long period of time. Champion Cleaners offers a unique sanitization process after carefully analyzing each item, whether it’s a mattress, sofa, carpet, curtain, upholstery, or other soft furniture.

For more information on Champion Cleaners and its services, please visit or contact them at 800-4556 Email: [email protected]

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