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“CEO Clubs Network Commences 2024 with a Successful and Insightful Inaugural Lunch Meeting”

“CEO Clubs Network Commences 2024 with a Successful and Insightful Inaugural Lunch Meeting”

January 10, Dubai – The world’s largest international networking organization, CEO Clubs Network, headquartered in Dubai, has auspiciously commenced the new year 2024 with the highly successful first lunch meeting of the year unfolded at Metropolitan Hotel Dubai on January 10th.

Dr. Tariq Nizami, Founder & CEO  delivered the opening remarks, set the stage for a dynamic start to the new year by officially launching CEO Clubs News, their latest initiative for real-time online publishing of finance, business, community news in the presence of more than 55 distinguished CEOs and diplomatic members gathered to honor this momentous occasion. The event also witnessed the adorable moments of yet another milestone achieved by the successful management of the pavilion and events for the “United Republic of Tanzania” at COP28. Dr. Tariq expressed his heartfelt gratitude to their Exclusive Online Trading Partner, GTC-Global Trade Co. Limited, and Annual Sponsors, Dubai Duty Free, Regionality Group of Companies for their valuable contribution.

This First CEO Clubs Lunch Meeting of 2024, was centered around the topic “The 3 ‘ups’ to Success — Get up, Show up, Never Give up” by the highly influential James Michael Lafferty, CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding, also a seasoned business leader, olympic coach, speaker and corporate trainer. Mr. James Lafferty delved deep into the first “UP” with a focus on “Getting up early in the morning” and he explained the associated benefits like better sleep, higher energy, healthier skin, lower rate of depression, improved time management. The second “UP” – “Show Up,” discussed 2 principles: “Talk is cheap” and the imperative to “embrace discomfort,” highlighting the adverse effects of comfort on the journey to success. The third “UP” – “Never give up,” the audience was captivated by Mr. Jame’s personal journey, affirming, “I was truly the last man standing” which implied the importance of persistence.

Dr Tariq welcomed new member to the family, Reputation Management Firm  represented by Mr. Dimitris Michopoulos, Founder and Mr. Dimitris expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the new opportunity and journey with CEO Clubs Network.

The event had an insightful presentation by Mr. Raymond Marzouk, Business Development Director of GTC-Global Trade Capital Co. Limited, their Exclusive Online Trading Partner who provided valuable information of their organization.

Mr. Mayank Patel, Country Head, Adecco, H.E. Norberto Carlos Escalona Carrillo, Ambassador of Cuba to the United Arab Emirates and Mr.Bekri Ajdini, Economic Counsellor, Embassy of the Republic of North Macedonia in the United Arab Emirates explored the topic “New Resolution, New Revolution”.

Mr. Mayank Patel, Country Head, Adecco explained that resolution of this year profesionally would be “love to lead with purpose” for the organization. And he added that the real revolution is to realise the value of employment and its importance. He also emphasized a significant challenge, foreseeing that within the next 5 to 6 years, a substantial number of jobs might vanish and he added that the resolution is to upskill almost 2 and  a half million employees who got reduntant by the change of landscape of employment and next is to enhance students’ skills to bridge the gap and address missing competencies.

H.E. Norberto Carlos stated that this lunch meeting is a good start for a productive new year and he reflected on the topic by saying that we can have motivation for everyday with a concept called creative resistance. It is a method of organising life and looking for ways to improve differently, more efficiently, more sustainably.

Mr. Bekri Ajdini mentioned his gratefulness to begin this new year with such an impactful lunch meeting focused on opportunity amd he added in the talk to use the potential solutions to ovecome challenges of our time in 2024.

The lunch meeting attracted substantial audience with many new faces, offering excellent networking opportunities for all attendees. Event also featured a diverse buffet of various cuisines. The members expressed their eagerness about the upcoming CEO Clubs Business Delegation to Asian Financial Forum from January 23 to 26 and the first virtual meeting of the year focused on “Thriving in 2024: What is your initiative for business resilience?” of January 23rd. Thus, the event demonstrated itself as highly influential, interactive, positive, and successful.

In the closing remarks, Dr. Tariq Nizami expressed, “May everyone find happiness, health, and peace in the new year, tapping into the energy that the universe provides to achieve the goals” and additionally, it was emphasized that the CEO Clubs Network is fully equipped with the energy to reach the significant dreams and goals lying ahead in this year.

About CEO Clubs Network:

CEO Clubs Network is an award-winning, membership-based international organization with members from various industries and chapters across the globe. We focus on connecting C-level executives, business owners, and government officials and enabling them to share experiences, explore business collaboration opportunities and build business relationships. Our proven track record of innovative CEO Clubs’ Events and 18 years of member engagement programs have made us a trusted business network and a driving force for global business connections.

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