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Canadian biotech company BioAro unveils precision medicine to revolutionise healthcare in the UAE and prolong lives

Canadian biotech company BioAro unveils precision medicine to revolutionise healthcare in the UAE and prolong lives

BioAro will infuse resources to set up genome labs, clinics to launch precision medicine, personalised treatment to upgrade healthcare service, train medical professionals that will extend people’s health-span and longevity and make the UAE a global leader in precision medicare

Date: Dubai, UAE; Saturday, October 28, 2023

News Highlights:

  1. Introduction of Genomics in the UAE’s healthcare will revolutionise the industry by reducing health risks and extend the life span of people;
  2. BioAro is going to invest in the UAE to bring the latest breakthrough technology in Genomics, establish Genome testing labs, clinics, training and innovation centres that will drastically improve public health;
  3. The global genomics market is currently estimated at US$46.2 billion in 2023;
  4. With a compound annual growth rate of 12.4 percent, global genomics market is expected to surge to US$83.1 billion by 2028.

BioAro, the Canadian biotech powerhouse renowned for its groundbreaking strides in precision medicine, preventive healthcare, and personalised treatments, is embarking on a transformative journey into the heart of the United Arab Emirates.

Armed with cutting-edge technologies such as Whole Genome Sequencing, Microbiome Testing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), BioAro is all set to establish a network of futuristic healthcare clinics, merging biotechnology research with clinical excellence, poised to catapult the UAE into the global epicenter of precision healthcare.

In its endeavour to create a global hub for precision medicine, genomics and personalised care, BioAro will revolutionise the healthcare landscape of the UAE. Genomics, the study of an organism’s genome, its genetic blueprint, and the profound implications of this knowledge are at the heart of BioAro’s mission. Genomic insights span all forms of life, from microscopic bacteria to the intricate genetic tapestry of humans, defined by DNA.

The global genomics market is currently estimated at US$46.2 billion in 2023, with an astonishing compound annual growth rate projected at 12.4 percent, expected to surge to US$83.1 billion by 2028, as per the latest findings by Markets and Markets.

Genomics holds the power to empower physicians to determine the right medication, tailor interventions for personalised care, mitigate medication side effects, identify the safest and most effective treatments, unveil hidden health risks before symptoms manifest, explore genetic variations, predict children’s predisposition to diseases and lead the charge against cancer, among numerous other applications.

BioAro takes pride in offering a comprehensive 100 percent Whole Genome Sequence (WGS), accompanied by expert genetic counseling from a dedicated Genome coach. This encompassing service tackles over 200 hereditary conditions and an impressive 4,000 medical conditions. Remarkably, the cost of WGS has dramatically plummeted from millions to an accessible $1,000 in recent years, opening doors to affordable, cutting-edge healthcare.

Dr. Anmol Kapoor, the visionary Founder of BioAro Group, says, “We are dedicated to collaborating with UAE authorities, striving to establish a global epicenter for precision medicine that will fundamentally redefine healthcare services. Whole Genome Sequencing and Microbiome Testing, involving 23,000 genes and hundreds of trillions of microbiomes, are just some of the scientific marvels that empower us to decipher the intricacies of genetics, heredity, and proactively address health issues before they escalate.

“We are poised to unveil a network of world-class centers of excellence in Precision medicine and Longevity and state of the art Genomic laboratory in the UAE. Coupled with these revolutionary technologies and our highly-trained professionals, we anticipate a seismic shift in the UAE’s healthcare landscape, contributing to the expansion of health-span and the lengthening of people’s lives.”

BioAro has initiated dialogues with both public sector health officials and private entities, heralding the advent of biotechnology and AI-powered healthcare solutions that are set to transform healthcare delivery in the region.

“At BioAro, we champion the belief that individuals should be the CEOs of their own health, and the key to this empowerment lies within their genes. Through genetic and microbiome testing, BioAro unlocks insights into an individual’s health that were once beyond reach,” Dr. Anmol Kapoor asserts.

“This marks the dawn of a supercharged, personalised healthcare experience, underpinned by evidence-based guidelines. BioAro is committed to championing quality and health equity by making access more democratic. We are making genetic data accessible and affordable, thus providing individuals the power to steer their personal health journey.”

With the support of BioAro’s cutting-edge technology and knowhow, the UAE could become a global leader in genomics and this could expand the life expectancy of the UAE’s population by a few decades. The UAE started conducting Whole Genome Sequencing of the UAE Nationals some time ago. So far, about half a million Emiratis have already been brought under genome sequencing programme – that will help them to achieve a healthy and longer life.

Dr Maryam Mattar, Founder Chairperson of the UAE Genetic Disease Association, said, “Our life expectancy was 47 when the UAE was formed 52 years ago. By 2019, life expectancy in the UAE has reached 78 – one of the highest in the region. With genome sequencing, this will easily exceed 100 years in a few years’ time.”

BioAro’s role is pivotal in helping individuals comprehend both inherited and acquired health risks, ranging from potential diseases and health conditions to pharmacogenomic profiles and nutritional parameters. Ultimately, BioAro empowers individuals to take proactive measures concerning their health and lifestyle, grounded in the knowledge gleaned from their genetic information. The organization stands as a beacon for client confidentiality, safeguarding data through cutting-edge blockchain technology, with the capacity to receive samples from anywhere across the globe, breaking down international barriers.


About BioAro

BioAro is a Canadian biotechnology company specialising in genomics, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. BioAro offers Whole Genome Sequencing, Microbiome Testing and software solutions.

By offering genetic and microbiome testing, BioAro is helping provide insights into a person’s health, that were previously out of reach. It is a supercharged personalised healthcare experience, supported by evidence-based guidelines.

BioAro is committed to focusing on quality and health equity by democratizing its access. BioAro is helping people understand their genetic data in an affordable manner, giving them the power to make decisions about their personal health.

BioAro helps people understand their inherited and acquired health risks, such as potential diseases, health conditions, pharmacogenomic profiling, and nutrition parameters. Ultimately, BioAro enables people to make proactive decisions about their individual health and lifestyle, based on their genetic information.

BioAro values client confidentiality and uses blockchain technology to secure data. BioAro has the capability of receiving samples from anywhere in the world, helping breakdown international barriers. At BioAro, we believe you should be the CEO of your own health – and all the information you need is in your genes.

About Dr. Anmol Kapoor

Dr. Anmol Kapoor is an experienced cardiologist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, humanitarian, and innovator who is transforming healthcare through his pioneering work. With over 15 years of cardiology experience, he has founded multiple successful healthcare ventures focused on leveraging emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, genomics, and blockchain.

After completing medical school in Russia, Dr. Kapoor gained valuable technical skills in information systems at the University of Lethbridge. He went on to do his Internal Medicine residency at the University of Alberta followed by a Cardiology fellowship at the University of Manitoba. He also underwent personalised training in carotid ultrasounds at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.

This diverse medical training gave Dr. Kapoor a unique perspective on how to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart disease. In 2011, Dr. Kapoor founded Advanced Cardiology Consultants and Diagnostics Inc., establishing a state-of-the-art cardiology clinic serving over 2 million people in the Calgary area. He provides specialized services spanning general cardiology, heart failure, vascular medicine, and more.

Dr. Kapoor’s unique integration of multi-modality cardiac imaging, genomics, AI algorithms, and advanced diagnostics allows him to uncover disease early and develop personalised care plans. However, Dr. Kapoor realised that to drive healthcare transformation, he also needed to develop innovative technologies. This led him to found CardiAI in 2017, a biotech company creating point-of-care cardiac diagnostic devices. CardiAI’s big breakthrough was a wearable 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor that received Health Canada approval.

This provides an accessible hypertension management solution to millions of Canadians. Dr. Kapoor’s most ambitious entrepreneurial endeavor is BioAro, a precision health company he launched in 2021. BioAro aims to sequence 1 million whole genomes and use AI to derive personalized health insights from this massive dataset. The long-term mission is to make genomic testing affordable and actionable for both patients and physicians. BioAro also plans to apply genomics and AI to agriculture, livestock, and food production for a more resilient food system.

Dr. Kapoor lends his expertise as Medical Director and Co-Founder of Alberta Cardiology and Southern Alberta Medical. He advises these clinics on integrating advanced imaging, robotics, and precision medicine to better serve hundreds of thousands of patients. Dr. Kapoor also co-founded and serves on the Board of Dilwalk Foundation, a charity providing free heart surgeries to underprivileged children globally.

His pioneering work has led Dr. Kapoor to be honored with awards including the Hind Rattan Award, Calgary Immigrants of Distinction Award, and top fundraiser for the University of Calgary’s Heart Health Research Chair. He has helped raise over $1 million for cardiovascular research and worked tirelessly to advance women’s health. Dr. Kapoor has produced Bollywood films highlighting taboo topics like menstrual hygiene and body shaming.

At his core, Dr. Anmol Kapoor is motivated by his desire to create positive change through innovation. He believes emerging technologies can help overcome humanity’s greatest medical and food supply challenges when developed responsibly. Dr. Kapoor sees tremendous opportunity in AI, genomics, robotics and blockchain to transform healthcare from reactive to predictive, personalized, and preventive. His vision is for Precision Health to become accessible and affordable for all.

As a successful doctor and entrepreneur who has started companies now serving millions, Dr. Kapoor understands the shortcomings of modern healthcare systems. He follows his own path in order to reform medicine by integrating cutting edge science, disruptive technologies, and compassionate care. Dr. Kapoor stands out as a leader who combines idealism and pragmatism, scientific rigour and creative thinking. His multifaceted work inspires hope that we can build a future where high-tech medicine allows everyone to live healthier and longer lives.

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