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Business Leaders In UAE Celebrate #EmbraceEquity On International Women’s Day – UAE Today Blog

The UAE’s business leaders have highlighted the achievements of women in the Arab world and their contribution to social, economic and cultural growth, underlining the value of #EmbraceEquity, the theme of the International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8.

Highlighting the focus of businesses in the region to promote a culture of inclusion, diversity and equity, they said the visionary leadership of the UAE has enabled women to demonstrate their competencies and secure rewarding career and professional growth opportunities. They said they will continue to promote inclusivity and gender equality at the workplace. 

Betty Vandenbosch, Senior Advisor to the CEO, Coursera said: Despite handwringing about the structural mismatch between job openings and the skills of those looking for work, the gap persists. At the same time, STEM fields across the GCC are considered the sectors with the largest gender gaps. Educating and employing women, particularly mothers, has the potential to mitigate both these challenges. However, a recent study by Coursera and the IFC (World Bank) highlighted some of the barriers women face to gaining a good education. For example, women are, on average, more likely to have greater family obligations and concerns over safety than men. This makes flexibility a top priority for women and is critical to keeping them in the education system. Thankfully, the flexibility and safety that online education provides has the potential to break down barriers that have historically disadvantaged women. Because of their low cost, it also enables women to try new fields without a long time commitment and a heavy financial burden. Equitable access to learning opportunities and flexible work not only promotes positive career outcomes for women, but it is also vital in helping close the growing skills gap. Governments, businesses and educators are investing a great deal in upskilling and reskilling workforces, but they must also ensure these opportunities to learn are equitable or they risk the gap growing.

Salima Gutieva, Vice President and Country Manager for the United Arab Emirates, Visa, said: “Amidst the UAE’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, we have seen incredibly inspiring women shattering the glass ceiling and showing the value of diverse teams. I am fortunate to be part of a company that ‘walks the walk’ when it comes to being inclusive.  At Visa, our role in promoting diversity and inclusion goes beyond our corporate walls, as we extend our efforts to our local communities through partnerships with key stakeholders. On International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the contributions of the trailblazing women among us and recommit ourselves to creating a more inclusive and equitable world for all.”

Dr Saeeda Jaffar, Senior Vice President and Group Country Manager for GCC, Visa, said: “International Women’s Day is a reminder of the incredible contributions that women have made to society, and emphasizes the importance of empowering women to thrive as business owners, leaders, and changemakers. As we celebrate the achievements of women across the GCC and worldwide, let’s commit to creating more opportunities for women to succeed and shape the future. Visa takes pride in supporting young business owners and professionals through its many programs, and I am personally committed to fostering female talent within our industry. When we empower women, we create a ripple effect that leads to even more empowered women. Let’s take time today, and every day, to celebrate the women who inspire us, lead us, and make us better. Visa wishes you a Happy International Women’s Day!”


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